Pistoletto Exhibition at the Louvre

by Weekend In Paris



The Michelangelo Pistoletto Exhibition at The Louvre, featured the sign of the “Third Paradise,” an infinity loop. The colorful loop was displayed front and center of  I.M. Pei’s iconic glass pyramid. It was an incredible contemporary display that The Weekend In Paris Gal Pals were lucky enough to visit before it disappeared. The lines were long, but we used the Fat Tire Skip the Line Tour to gain easy entry into the museum.

Love Differences

Love Differences

A year of Renaissance

The explanation of the symbol as put forth by The Louvre, “The sign’s two outer circles represent the paradise of nature and the paradise created by man, and the central circle the fusion of both necessary to bring about changes in society. Pistoletto regards 2013 as a year of Renaissance, of our entry into a new era in which artists must play their role in ecological, economic and political change and confront us with our responsibilities in the disorder of the world today.”

Various pieces from paintings to sculptures appear throughout The Louvre, each with their own unique quality and humor.”


Pistoletto sculpture hanging from the ceiling

The medieval moat housed a series of neon signs spelling out “Love Difference” in foreign languages. Obelisco e Terzo Paradiso in Cour Marly, housed a lovely “quilt” looking sculpture that added a touch of progressiveness to the old world room. The best thing about the area where this is displayed is that no matter the size the crowds near main attractions like the Mona Lisa, this area is spacious and calm.

Light, bright and peaceful - Cour Marly

Light, bright and peaceful – Cour Marly

I find Cour Marly in the Richelieu an extremely peaceful area that is light and bright even on the cloudiest of Parisian winter days. The glass ceilings reflect the light coming down onto the alabaster marble making this one of the most pleasant of rooms in all of Paris.


The Louvre

Rue de Rivoli, 75001
Paris, France

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