Dijon Location

Sud Express is the place to shop to find comfy, wearable, hip clothes at reasonable prices. Geared towards a younger crowd with tight skinny jeans and t-shirts with cutesy sayings on them, they also carry pieces for women of every age. I love their long and short sleeve cotton tops and long knit sweaters. They usually have a unique detail like a button on the sleeve or a zipper down the back that makes an otherwise boring outfit a cute ensemble.

Nice Location

No matter what city in France I am in, I love to pop into a Sud Express to see what’s new and hot. Most major cities in France have at least one store location. The store fronts are always lit up with bright lights against white backdrops which set off the new color schemes really well. Because the buyers stick to a limited number of color palettes each season (usually four plus basic black and white) it is very easy to put together a fresh new look.

Fashion organized by color, style makes it easy to find what you love!

Sud Express keeps it simple, hanging racks on either side coordinated by color with cubes in the center displaying folded garments and accessories giving shoppers clear access to merchandise. It all makes such great sense to layout a store this way and I am surprised more shops don’t adopt this philosophy. No need to hunt around to put together an entire outfit, everything is right at your fingertips.

Sud Express Paris: 14, rue du Four, 75006

Sud Express Nice: 13 Rue Massena, 06000

Sud Express Dijon: 53, rue du Bourg, 21000

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