Blue Lemon

by Weekend In Paris

DSCN2023The best shopping places in Paris are the spots where you find great looking fashion accessories for men and women that don’t break the bank. Paris’ Blue Lemon can be identified by the crisp blue and white store fronts with simple rows of shelves inside. Products are lined up need, thus no fancy decorations as the gorgeous pieces speak for themselves.

blue lemon

Blue Lemon specializes in affordable handbags, scarves, wallets and jewelry sure to please every age group. The hottest colors for this spring are bright blues like turquoise, light purple as in violet and something called orange foncé which is a deeper orange than last year’s Hermès orange. Several of the bags transition into completely different looking purses based upon how they are clasped or zipped together and all contain inside zippered pockets for extra security.

DSCN2036Trendy looks are flanked by black, white, and khaki options anchoring their line of high quality leather goods made in Italy. Prices range from around 40 € to 70 €. The jewelry is even more affordable; adorable bracelets and bangles start at just 15 € and max out around 20 €. Rows and rows of delights can be found below the handbags and scarves in bright colors that will coordinate with the line of leather goods are stocked at the sides. Each scarf is sold in a felt bag for easy packing or as convenient wrapping for gifts. What a thoughtful way to package them!

Men will love the eclectic collection of fun and wacky cuff links, tie clips and practical but super scarves. All are priced 25 € and under.

blue lemon-2An added bonus was how friendly and knowledgable the staff were. The guys and gals were very patient with our group of four women who were predictably undecided about our choices of color and style. They didn’t try to “up-sell” us or rush us along. They were fast at the register and eager to help us pick the right hues for our souvenir gifts to take home. I cannot say enough how pleasant an experience it was to shop at the location on rue Saint-André des Arts. Bravo to the manager – excellent job with this location!

I’ve added Blue Lemon my list for affordable shops in Paris for everyday women and men who live extraordinary lives.


Blue Lemon

65 Rue Saint-André des Arts, 75006, Paris
Metro: Odéon (ligne 4 et 10) ou RER Saint-Michel (B, C)

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