Rue de Seine Food Market in Paris

market near hotel louissaneThe food market on rue de Seine was bustling 25 years ago when I first stayed in Paris at a modest (that’s putting it mildly) hotel across the street. Each day Mr. Weekend In Paris and I were awakened by the sound of a woman in the street singing a song of food, enticing people to come shop for the fresh fruits and vegetables. Both of us working for the US Navy at the time, money was tight so we purchased bread, ham, cheese and a bottle of wine that we made a picnic out of for our meals. My love for this area has been strong ever since.

market near hotel louissaneYears later the markets on the street closed down and only one or two were left. Today, I am happy to report that the rue de Seine food market in Paris is thriving. Each time I go back I notice that more and more Mom and Pop little stalls are added to the street.

market near hotel louissaneI was told by a French chef that there has been a law passed where food market stalls can only be replaced by other market stalls. Apparently you can’t take a food market stall and turn it into another retail operation which protects the industry city-wide. As much as I hate big government deciding how private property can be used, I do think this is a super way to protect a traditional way of life for Parisians and champions small businesses which are the backbone of any economy.

market near hotel louissaneIn addition to the fresh fruits and veggies on hand, you can pick up some lovely cooked sausages (saucisson), parma ham, fresh breads, spit roasted chickens, local cheeses, fresh crab and prawns (shrimp). Although the convenient supermarket Carrefour is right next door, most locals prefer to shop in the stalls of the small market here at the corner of rue de Seine and rue Buci.

On the weekends the market is packed, and rightfully so, because everything looks and smells so deliciously fresh. While not worth making a special trip to visit this tiny market area, if you are on the left bank and in the 6th, give it a go and support the local business men and women. You won’t be sorry!

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