People Watching in Paris

by Weekend In Paris
He's got sole - purple shoes complete the unique look

He’s got sole – purple shoes complete the unique look

People Watching in Paris is one of the best reasons to visit the City of Light.

Let’s take a look at the good, the bad and the downright hilarious People Watching in Paris. It’s more than just fashion that draws me in, it’s an attitude, a walk, or an expression. One cannot simply sit down at a café sipping Bordeaux or hot chocolate and ignore the comings and goings or the drama that unfolds itself everyday on the streets of Paris.

Male Model on Ile Saint-Louis

We were seated outside at Café de Paris minding our own business…no, who am I kidding? We were checking out the most fascinating dude donning the multi-colored scarf standing directly across from our bistro table. The dude is sporting a gorgeous soft ringlets hairstyle and showing off his perfectly straight white pearly chicklets. He smiled with his eyes through his retro wide-framed aka Charles Nelson Reilly sunglasses. However, the most interesting feature of his wardrobe were his purple shoes!  Fashion critic I am not, professional people watcher I AM and he won the prize for the most fashion forward guy we spotted on this trip. He was very friendly and posed for me. Thanks for making our trip complete!

Other times we happen upon legit photo shoots happening and can’t resist stopping whatever we are doing to snap a quick pic like the guy above. No clue what he was selling, but I’ll take two!

Love the pink shirt and the pose!

Love the pink shirt and the pose!

In the span of an hour, we saw loving couples arm in arm floating by unaware that anyone else exists and  observed a solo person waiting for mates who were late to meet up with her to catch up on the latest gossip. Some encounters were comprised of seemingly odd “couples” seated together and we imagined what on earth their tie to one another could possibly be. Some of the best of the best we encounter comes from the restaurant scene, the boutiques and shopkeepers.

We complimented a waiter on his lovely bright pink shirt with patterned collar and asked for a snapshot. Without hesitation he struck a fashion model pose and quickly disappeared inside. We went on with our delicious meal only to have a short interruption when he reappeared pointing to his shoes. He had actually gone inside and changed his shoe laces to pink to match his shirt. What a great, fun-loving man!


Don’t forget to check out the shoes when People Watching in Paris

Paris is full of interesting (huge understatement) people. Sometimes I introduce myself to these characters and hand them my business card and ask them if I may have them pose for a photo and other times, I just snap away for fear of missing them pass by. In any case, I hope you enjoy these everyday Parisians as they make their way through the City of Light. People watching in Paris truly is the BEST activity of all.

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Weekend In Paris August 15, 2013 - 7:52 am

Dear Diane,


You humble me with your compliments. Thank you so very much for writing in to let me know that my posts are helpful to you.

Rain, rain go away – never mind, Paris is just as fun in the rain. The natural thing to do is make Sunday your museum/church day. I love Sunday strolls in the rain. In fact, it might be a good day to go to Notre Dame and then head over to Ile Saint-Louis to check it out. Wander around this petit island off the larger island of Ile de la Cité where you can have an ice cream at the famous Berthillon if it’s hot outside or a coffee if it’s cold at one of the many cafés. Stop in to Nina Kendosa for some clothes, Bamyan for scarves, Olivier for olive oil, 38 Saint-Louis to pick up some snacks – wine, cheese, bread, meats and ask to sample some before choosing! If you like to cook or have kids, pop into Pylones for some great souvenirs to take home. I found our names written in French on wooden napkin rings that we love to use at home in the US that I bought there.

Alternatively, check out the biggies, The Louvre, The d’Orsay or Musée Marmottan and then head to a café for lunch (Flore, deux Magots, Marly) or splurge at have tea at The George V. After lunch, shop on Boulevard Saint Germain or go to the Opera House – Palais Garnier to see inside the most beautiful opera house in the world!

Rainy days are also great days to wine taste! Book a class at Ô Chateau where you won’t care if it’s raining since you will be down in the cave tasting and getting happy. ;)

Is this good enough an answer?


Kim 24/7 in France August 15, 2013 - 5:38 am

Love the purple shoes and pink shirt looks!

Weekend In Paris August 15, 2013 - 7:54 am

Bonjour Kim!
Pink and purple in one day – I hit the jackpot!

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