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by Weekend In Paris
Holly Mule

Holly Mule Cocktail

In my post from yesterday, or is it still today? I was headed to bed at 6pm local Paris time when a second wind overcame me. Maybe it was that I finally digested (literally and figuratively) my gourmet lunch complete with wine pairings. Time for cocktails Le Bristol style…After such a fulfilling lunch, I was not in the mood for a dinner per se, but I was a bit peckish so I ventured downstairs to Le Bar for a quick glass of dry Sancerre and a smoked salmon tapas appetizer, but wound up staying longer than intended because of the cocktail show. Simon, a student from Angers studying to be a professional barman, was on fire shaking and stirring gorgeous cocktails left and right, while the chef barman Roman ensured the nearly packed room was well taken care of.


Lobby bar at Le Bristol

I sat at the bar, how American of me. The French typically do not sit at hotel bars unless they are meeting someone. I think it unnerves the bartenders and encourages strangers talking, another French no-no. In any event, when I am not with Mr. Weekend In Paris this is where I feel most comfortable when dining alone. I prefer to sit facing a television or in the case of Le Bristol, a large four-screen black and white movie of Paris. This way I can choose if I want to eat and sip quietly or exchange a few pleasantries with the bartender.

cocktail le bristol

Le Weekend In Paris cocktail

Le Bristol makes their own concoctions from homemade syrups and blends of fresh fruits. Each night they serve a “welcome drink” in a dainty old fashion miniature wine goblet. The libation changes daily. Last night it was gin with orange and lemon juice and Amaretto with a simple syrup. When I asked what the name of this drink was, Roman told me to name it. So, my friends, I have dubbed it The Weekend In Paris. Ask for it the next time you are at Le Bristol!


Le Cinnamon Fizz

Impressive looking cocktails kept passing me by, so I asked to photograph them before they were sent on to their lucky customers. Candy Crush looked completely amazing and I vow to be awake long enough tonight to order one. Last night I was just too tired for such a whimsical and lethal libation. Another beautiful cocktail was the Cinnamon Fizz topped with a dried pineapple slice and cinnamon stick.

The drinks were served in a variety of interesting vessels.The Holly Mule comes in a copper tumbler inside a silver caddy with a handle. It’s made with VSOP Cognac, lime juice, brown sugar, 10 year old red Port and ginger beer. The garnishes include dried fruit, a cinnamon stick and fresh mint leaves – very impressive!

DSC_0024The coolest glass to pass by me, however, was Le Bristol’s Official #7. The garnish was an orange peel embossed with LE BRISTOL on it and attached to the rim via a tiny close pin. Wow!

Enough evil temptation, I opted out of serious cocktail tasting and headed to my spacious suite for what I planned to be a good night’s sleep. The bed is très comfortable, sweet dreams of tomorrow’s tasting awaits me.

All the photos are the property of The Weekend In Paris. Must obtain permission before use.


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Weekend In Paris April 5, 2015 - 7:40 am

Well hey there! It was both chic and delicious! Score two points for Le Bristol!

Priscilla March 28, 2015 - 7:48 am

I should not be reading this post before 8am… It might make for a very unproductive Saturday! How would you choose just one? Or four?!

Weekend In Paris April 5, 2015 - 7:39 am

Hi Little Black Sweats,

Nice name by the way! I was “working” so had to choose only one or two at the most and based it upon the bartender’s recommendation. They are rather like sommelier’s who can help you choose which cocktails suit you best.

It’s 5pm some where, right? So if you have to travel along with me in whatever time zone I am in, then feel free to explain that to the boss…LOL!


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