Nadia crepes

Nadia Crêperie

by Weekend In Paris

Some days you just feel like skipping the time it takes for a sit down meal at a café or bistro. Whether you are a local in Paris, or a tourist with a packed schedule and little time in-between sightseeing excursions, the best fast food in Paris is a crêpe. 

Doesn’t get any faster or fresher

Not only are they quick to make, each is made fresh in front of you. It’s the fastest reality cooking show where a piping hot treat comes right off the griddle and into your hands in seconds. Crêpes are the “go to” meals for those who refuse to succumb to the global marketing of fast food burger and pizza giants. Perish the thought of Le Big Mac in Paris or a Grande Latte at Starbucks. I want local, I want fresh and I want it fast.

Sit down inside or order a crêpe to go right off the street

Quick, inexpensive lunch

The Gal Pals and I were out power shopping and beginning to feel crabby (or at least I was) and rather than let our low blood sugars affect our moods, we travel companions decided to search for the closest acceptable edible joint. Voilà! Right there on Boulevard Saint Germain, we found Nadia. Four delicious ham and cheese crêpes were singeing our fingertips in no time. We walked across the street to the little park in front of the Cluny Museum and ate our fast food with delight. What a bargain, lunch for four was 20€ including drinks! C’est manifique n’est-ce pas?


Nadia Crêperie and Sandwich Shop

94 Boulevard Saint-Germain 75006

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