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by Weekend In Paris

Patty, Me, Susan at Café de Paris – favorite Gal Pal hangout to people watch

It’s been a whirlwind week so far with my sisters in Paris. We have been in and around Paris doing all kinds of wonderful things:

A private cooking class with Discover Paris where we learned how to make scallops with leeks, an endive salad with crabmeat and kiwi, and my personal favorite, chocolate lava cake. Eat your hearts out because cooking with Phillipe from Discover Paris was an amazing experience.

Susan and Patty in Versailles

Susan and Patty in Versailles

We toured Versailles where we saw where Marie Antoinette slept and braved the cold to have a look at the gardens. So much gold in one place left me thinking the mansions in Newport, Rhode Island are sorely lacking in the precious metal.

Speaking of jewels, we took in the Cartier exhibition at the Grand Palais where diamond tiaras were all the rage. We were tempted to take one home, but we left empty handed an awestruck by the enormity of the collection of jewels on display.

Park in the Marais

Park in the Marais

Walking around the Marais discovering new parks and seeing the contrast between old and new Paris was a treat with our private guide from Discover Walks in Paris.

Hemingway fans be jealous because we saw where he lived and hung out writing and drinking with Context Travel docent Laura who just happens to be a fellow Bostonian like me and my sisters.


Paris pj's for all three sisters

Paris pj’s for all three sisters


Of course some of our funnest moments were back in our apartment where we put on our matching jammies and hung out together recapping our day and planning for the next.

That’s all for now folks.

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