Naked Parisian Model in Window Catches Pedestrians by Surprise

by Weekend In Paris

Brochier window modelEarth shattering no, but the sight of a naked Parisian model definitely caught pedestrians by surprise. Fashion runways are full of skinny chicks in short skirts and low cut, backless numbers so it came as no shock to me when I was roaming the streets of Paris in the textiles area, close to Boulevard Saint-Germain, that I happened upon a window with a pretty gal wearing what appeared to be nothing but paint.
As part of an advertising campaign for Brochier textiles, a model was spray painted a design that mirrored the fabrics hanging behind her. It allowed her to blend in with the background and seem manikin-like. She stood incredibly still for periods of time, long enough so that the current group of tourists tired of the scene and moved away, allowing the next unsuspecting passers-by to stumble upon her display and get a mini-shock when she moved. It was a brilliant PR stunt because virtually no one passed by without at least a double-take. artist painting modelIt was cool to watch the artist perform some touch-ups. His presence confirmed, for those of us who caught him in action, that while it appeared at first glance she was undressed, she actually wore seamless undergarments. They were spray painted in the same design which gave the illusion that she was naked. The gorgeous model waved to onlookers and smiled brilliantly knowing how captivating and humorous her assignment was to the pedestrians. Brochier definitely got their monies worth that day. The exposure (pun intended) made Brochier a household name that day for many Parisians and tourists alike.

Check out the short snippet of the video I recorded to see the model in action. There was a man who took a video as well. He recorded her and the crowd that gathered to watch. Even those who were rushing to get to engagements of one kind or another, paused long enough to take it all in:

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Janice & George (@SandInSuitcase) June 14, 2014 - 1:05 pm

We’d do a double-take too, if a naked woman was standing in a shop window – very clever PR tactic :-). The things you see in Paris, right?

Weekend In Paris June 14, 2014 - 1:11 pm

Hi Janice and George!
Very clever indeed. It was more fun to watch people’s reactions than anything.

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