Le Dressing de Brigitte

by Weekend In Paris
Le Dressing de BrigitteLe Dressing de Brigitte

Small boutiques like Le Dressing de Brigitte are aplenty in Paris, but I adore this one because they have great customer service and are always on point with the latest fashions.  The store used to be located on rue Buci in the 6th arrondissement nestled between vibrant brasseries and bars where students of the Sorbonne frequent, but is now on rue de Rennes (still in the 6th.)

This petit and fun shop is a “go-to” place for gals looking for cashmere sweaters, hip casual tops, great fitting jeans and trendy inexpensive outerwear.  The sales (soldes) are fantastic, but if you see something you like, don’t mull it over too long thinking you’ll swing by later to pick it up.  Items go fast and they only stock a few sizes of each. Hesitate and you’ll regret it.


Le Dressing de Brigitte

85 rue de Rennes, 75006

Paris, France

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travelwithlaughter September 16, 2011 - 6:09 am

I sent my sister the link for this! She is the shopper. Half of my pics from Prague were taken while she was shopping. Have a great weekend!

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