IMG_3183No matter the season or weather, the flowers at Le Cabinet de Porcelaine always remain bright and robust. Perky porcelain petals atop of dainty metallic stems make the casual observer do a double-take. Some flower heads bow like tulips when full of life and others stand up tall with their heads tilting slightly and ever so gracefully as if trying to catch a ray of sun. The pièce de resistance is the uber-delicate chandelier adorned with white cascading flowers hanging overhead in the store – breathtaking!

2013051695172617We spoke at length to the shopkeeper and were lucky enough to briefly meet Samuel Mazy – the pupil of master artist Didier Gardillou. We came away appreciating that each piece is one of a kind and crafted lovingly in the same way the porcelain florist artists did in the 1700’s. The realistic, hand-painted porcelain replicas of orchids, primrose, and pansies are beautifully displayed inside the charming petit shop on the border of the 6th and 7th arrondissements.

While purchases can me made online, the complete line is only available at the shop. If you purchase on site, they will wrap your item suitable for carry-on luggage. It is NOT advised you check any of these items in your baggage for airline travel. If desired, they will make arrangements to ship your items to your home. It’s a pricey option (in most cases costing more than the item itself) and will take weeks to arrive stateside. Single flowers can be purchased for 60 € and a simple pot for an additional 15 €. Larger, more intricate designs like the orchids and multiple flowers can go for as much as 190 €. Considering you will have these gems for life, I would say they are a bargain verses fresh flowers!

IMG_0764Do check the hours listed outside the shop as their days/times are sporadic. You might email them ahead of time to make an appointment if you are a serious buyer.
Le Cabinet de Porcelaine +33 (0)1 42 60 25 40
Samuel Mazy +33 (0)6 14 65 77 71

37 rue de Verneuil

Paris 75007