Patrice Chapon Chocolates

by Weekend In Paris

Lovely Chapon scarf decorating the window

Patrice Chapon chocolates are addictive! When I’m busy running around Paris and the craving for chocolate hits, I need only walk a few blocks to find one of many award-winning chocolatiers in town. Working hard (wink, wink) on my Context Travel Baguette to Bistro tour I was ready for a taste of creamy, dreamy chocolate. Alisa Morov, our docent brought us to Patrice Chapon’s second shop along rue du Bac, the address of a former old horse butcher’s shop. The store was cheerful (no ghosts of horses past) and combines the traditional feel of a chocolatier with a modern touch of class. I loved the brightly colored scarf hanging from the ceiling and the old chocolate molds covering the walls like an old fashion 3D wall paper. Very eclectic space!

Alisa scooped up some dark chocolate and milk chocolate selections for us to taste. Dozens of les ganaches, les prailinés, and les pâtes d’amandes were safely behind glass and looked seemingly innocent, but I knew that they were evil. Evil because each one would tasted better than the next. It’s a good thing I don’t live in Paris, because with places like Chapon this chocoholic would be camped outside every day, risking poverty and obesity to keep up with my habit.!

My favorites? If I had to pick just two, they would be the salted crème de caramel nougat and the praliné de nougatine. Good luck resisting the goodies here, I couldn’t!



69, rue du Bac Paris 75007

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