Coffee Cup Wars

by Weekend In Paris

Every morning I look forward to my morning cup of coffee in my oversized souvenir Café Flore china cup. I love this cup – the memories of sipping chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) or café crème in a similar vessel in Paris warms my heart. It took me a couple of trips to the Café Flore shop to pick the perfect cup. I have become friendly with the salesman who knows me well and lets me take my time shopping. The items are not inexpensive so I choose carefully. The first one was too small, the next was too big, then like Goldilocks, I found one that was “juuuust right.”
The battles began when I returned home. I placed the cup amongst my other favorites in the cupboard feeling a tiny bit guilty that my former favorites would be collecting some serious dust now that the Frenchie was in town. Not long ago, I came downstairs after Mr. Weekend in Paris had already consumed breakfast and was tucked away in his home office working away. I made my décaf and opened the door to the cupboard but no Café Flore cup. What? “Oh, it must be in the dishwasher” I thought and whipped open the dishwasher drawer. No cup. Panic…did someone break it and try to hide it? I sped into Mr. Weekend in Paris’ office and stopped dead in my tracks.

Guess who was sipping from my cup with reckless abandon?
His face showed no surprise. I was like, “Dude, that’s my special souvenir.” He was kinda laughing at my reaction and then I saw that Cheshire cat smile. You know the one. The one that says, “Now that you have acted irrationally possessive over a silly little cup, I am going to use it more” smile. Battle #1 I lost. So I pretended not to care in hopes he would give up and never use it again, but he didn’t. Sometimes I put it in the dishwasher when it’s clean just so he won’t use it because he never knows if the dishes are clean or dirty. Battle #2 goes to moi. Oooops, now that I have written about it we will see if he really takes the time to read these blog posts. If he does then he may retaliate and win another battle, but I assure you I will win the war!
Will a détente ever be achieved? Most likely after my next trip because Mr. Weekend in Paris can expect a Café Flore cup of his own to end the Coffee Cup Wars. After all, he is more important than the cup, right? ;)

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