Dijon Green with Envy!

by Weekend In Paris

When people think of France they think of French blue. I can instantly conjure up the exact color blue in my mind and adore it! It is the color of the doors you see painted in Paris on the mansion-blocks of which many products try to replicate but fail. You have to visit Paris and experience it in living color so you can imprint the color into your minds eye. Once you do, it is impossible to forget.

What blue is to Paris and most of France, green is to Dijon. Dijon, which lies about an hour and a half train ride from Paris, sports an equally pleasing and distinctive shade of green. Many streets are still lined with antique gas lanterns that have been converted to electric. These gems have a slight green hue that look terrific during the day and even better at night when lit. Their apartment doors tend to be painted in green (some French blue too) and many opt to paint their balconies green as well. All this gives Dijon its own identity and I am green with envy for those who live there.

I have no clue where the green comes from since the flags of Dijon contain no green, but I welcome any locals to tell me why green is more prevalent than the typical French blue in this region.

Enjoy the colors of Dijon!

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Weekend In Paris June 1, 2012 - 8:51 pm

Bon soir Beth,

Thanks for the insight into the local colors of France. I knew one of my knowledgable readers would chime in with the answer.


Weekend In Paris June 2, 2012 - 10:40 am

Live eels? Non, merci!

I will have more from Dijon coming up so stay tuned!


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