A Dog’s Life at Café Conti

by Weekend In Paris

Café Conti has been closed now for a while, but I can’t bear to delete this story about Orson from 2012.

Café Conti is the place where Gal Pal Lisa winds up having a late breakfast or early lunch after she sleeps in and misses having breakfast with the rest of us at the hotel. Usually she has a “proper” cup of English tea while we head out to scope out our shopping prospects for the day, but this past trip I joined her for a bite.
Surprisingly delicious and affordable, this café has excellent service. Open early, this charming place has an added bonus – an adorable mascot. Orson is one cute pooch who belongs to the owner of Café Conti. He hangs out greeting guests with a wag of his tail or indifference. I have seen him for years walk past me at Cafė de Paris as he checks in to say hello to his local favorites. He then waltzes past the shellfish vendor, stops to smell the new flowers at the flower stand before his rendezvous with his owner back at the café.
Want to see more about Orson in his daily routine click on his name.

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Café Conti
1 rue Buci 75006

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Weekend In Paris July 2, 2013 - 8:20 am

Let’s hope Orson is not on a walkabout when we are there…
Can’t wait to see you!

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