It’s the Night Before Paris and I am NOT Packed!

by Weekend In Paris

Usually I am very organized, but so much has been going on with my personal and travel life that I simply ran out of time. To top it off, I have changed locations so many times in the past couple of weeks that I have no idea where most of my “go to” clothes are located. Missing in action are my favorite black pants, skinny jeans, and most comfortable sandals. Don’t you hate that? What I did remember are the essentials to make my life easier while on the road.

  • I am trying to stick to my “go to” color scheme of black and white to keep options flexible. This way I can mix and match items depending upon the weather or impromptu situation. The best part of using just a couple of colors is that it cuts down on the amount of accessories needed like shoes and handbags.
  • My new favorite travel gadget is the short handled Venus women’s razor with its own travel case. I found it at Costco and it came with a bunch of disposable blades at a reasonable price.
  • Of course, even though I am flying in Business Class in the flat bed seats, I will bring my neck pillow for the train to Bordeaux and for my other travel post France.
  • Converter plugs for my laptop, iPhone, iPad and blowdryer.
  • United Business Class amenity kit to share with my buddy Father Tucker. I save them from previous trips in case I fly with friends who are in coach and deserve a little pampering. It has ear plugs, an eye mask, mini toothbrush and paste, tissues, lip balm, breath mints and a comb. The one I have is from last year – old style and very nice. The newer ones are in metal tins and I feel they are very impersonal.

What I pack in my carryon bag:

Obviously my passport, credit cards and money, but really the most important item is my Nikon camera and extra battery with charger.

Change of clothes. When I get on the plane I immediately change into clothes that I can catch a few winks in comfortably. Before I land I change back into the clothes I wore onto the plane so I am ready for the day out on the town.

Footy socks to wear on the plane.

Laptop/phone and chargers.

Travel neck pillow.

Scarf in case it’s cold on the plane.

Things that can’t be replaced such as medications, prescription glasses and jewelry.

Magazines – trashy ones that I never buy unless I am on an airplane. I never read them on the way over to Europe since by the time I eat dinner it is time to go to sleep. I save them for the way back which not only is a longer flight, but it is also done during the waking hours.

Travel notebook to write down events I don’t want to forget.



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