Life is Short! Go to Paris!

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “Someday I’ll make it to Paris.” or whatever city that you’ve dreamed of visiting?  I asked my best friend who was battling Breast Cancer to go to Paris with me, but she kept waiting until her next break in chemotherapy.  Then it was put off until radiation was over, then it was until her hair grew back, then it was back to work for her when she was in “remission” and we never went to Paris together.  She lived with my husband, two sons and me when the cancer came back until the day she died.  Three years of a brave and hard-fought battle was over.  We often spoke about our future trip to Paris even though I knew it would never happen.  It made me truly sad that she was never really living for the moment but for a future that would never be.  I learned a valuable lesson (and many others) from her not seizing the opportunity.

A couple of weeks after her death my husband took us all to Hawaii – a lifelong dream of mine.  He only gave me 48 hours to plan the whole trip, but I didn’t flinch – and I’ve been traveling ever since.  He once gave me 24 hours to get on a plane to Greece, and many times I’ve been on the plane longer than I’ve spent on the ground in a city, but I cherish each and every minute!  In these eleven years since her passing I’ve been to places that never crossed my mind to visit; some great cities that I fell in love with and some that disappointed me.  I have never looked back and thought it wasn’t worth the hassle.

Luckily my husband has always supported my obsession with Paris and the need to visit each year with girlfriends.  I know my guardian angel friend is there each year in spirit guiding me and keeping me safe on my travels.  I light a candle for her each trip at Notre Dame to honor her memory.

My parting advice – Don’t wait!  Life is Short, Go to Paris!

  • Leah (@L_e_a_h)
    Posted at 08:38h, 08 September Reply

    Thank you for writing this. It’s a very selfless thing you did for your friend. And in the end, she taught you a most valuable lesson: live while you can!

    • Weekend In Paris
      Posted at 09:27h, 08 September Reply

      Hi Leah,
      It’s amazing what caregivers can do when put to the challenge – you were amazing to quit your job and spend time with your mother. Not only did it help you feel great about spending time with your mom, but it taught your children how to care for others in the process. Death is only truly tragic if we don’t learn to keep the good memories, let go of the bad ones and learn something about how to live moving forward because of it.
      Congrats on living to the fullest and sharing it all with us!

  • no travel required | the lazy travelers
    Posted at 15:59h, 12 August Reply

    […] Don’t mean to be a downer on this lovely Friday, but this a sweet (and sad) reminder of why you should put off your travel dreams as little as possible: Life is Short! Go to Paris! […]

    • Weekend In Paris
      Posted at 18:31h, 13 August Reply

      Thanks for linking to my blog post! I’m glad you liked it enough to tweet about it. I know it was a sad post, but a happy one in the end that I learned from it and am living my life differently because of it.

      Happy reading!

  • Suzy
    Posted at 10:32h, 27 July Reply

    Very wise words that are so simple, yet not easy for many to follow. I have had so many moments on my travels where I pause and think, “Is it really worth it to go in there?” etc. I always force myself to pay entrance fees and the like for you really don’t know if you will return.

    • Weekend In Paris
      Posted at 08:01h, 28 July Reply

      I love that you force yourself to pay the entrance fees and see new things. I do the same! It’s sometimes easier to “blow off” a museum or attraction, but I always regret it. Every trip I take to Paris I go with the thought that it might be my last time ever. This helps keep me on my toes and leave no stone unturned!

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment Suzy!

  • forest
    Posted at 10:23h, 26 July Reply

    It’s heart-breaking when important reminders like this come via such tragic events….but thanks for reminding us to seize the day and the opportunities in front of us!

  • frenchicandshabby
    Posted at 10:48h, 25 July Reply

    Thank you for this post. I needed reminding that you have to do the things that you want to do NOW and not put them off until you think that the time is right.

    • Weekend In Paris
      Posted at 11:18h, 25 July Reply

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article and comment. We all need little reminders!

  • mylifeinredstilettos
    Posted at 10:11h, 25 July Reply

    Loved your post. It’s so true – NOW is the time to seize the moment and follow our travel dreams. I’m heading back to Paris in October – although I wish it was sooner. I miss it so much!!

    • Weekend In Paris
      Posted at 10:43h, 25 July Reply

      Glad to hear that you are headed back to the city of lights this October. As I just replied to “Travel With Laughter” below, October is one of the best months in Paris. Cool, crisp air and warm cozy cafes go very well together! Enjoy and make sure you report back your favs for me to share with the gals for our next trip!

  • travelwithlaughter
    Posted at 20:18h, 24 July Reply

    So true! My sister and I are heading there in October. The only thing we are promised, is RIGHT NOW!!!

    • Weekend In Paris
      Posted at 10:40h, 25 July Reply

      That will be so much fun to head to Paris with your sister. October is a beautiful time of year to be there! Please be in touch when you get back to let me know your favorite places and recommendations.

  • Maggie
    Posted at 10:43h, 24 July Reply

    Very touching…this cancer survivor will be in Paris in November. Live well!

    • Weekend In Paris
      Posted at 11:12h, 24 July Reply

      Thanks so much! Live well indeed! Need to get together soon! I’m around this week and hope you are too!

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