Mission #2 Paris 2012

Mission #2 is dangerous.  How dangerous you ask?   “Off the charts dangerous!” I answer with a slight lump in my throat. I almost didn’t accept this mission it was so daunting, but then I figured that I would only be given this opportunity once, so I better take advantage of it before the offer was gone forever.

Armed with only a credit card in hand, I  will be stalking my prey in Paris the week after next.  Right after I head to the Louvre (see previous post for Mission #1) I am going to sprint for Boulevard Saint Germain and get myself a “forever” bag at the mecca for fashionistas – Louis Vuitton.  What’s so dangerous about going to LV?  Have you ever read the children’s book If you give a Moose a Muffin?  Well, as the story goes, if you give a moose a muffin, he’s going to want some jam to go with it.  I definitely won’t drink any water at Louis Vuitton if offered, in case they drug you with some sort of concoction that turns you into a “Bagzilla.”  The plan is to go in, locate the adorable Artsy Damier Azur shoulder purse I scoped out online, pay for it and get out as soon as humanly possible to avoid any impulse shopping.  Get this, if I stick to the plan, I will actually SAVE money by shopping in Paris because I won’t have to pay the European VAT (value added tax) and the exchange rates are the best in quite some time.  Now how do you like that for justification?

What’s a “forever” bag?  A forever bag is a piece of history that you can wear on your shoulder or carry in your hand that is high quality, durable, always in fashion, and is beyond classic – it’s timeless.  You can accessorize any outfit with a forever bag and travel to any climate in any season with it on your arm and manage to look fresh.  It neither bucks trends nor does it lack character – it get’s noticed because it’s the perfect bag for all-time.  Once you own a forever bag in the primary accent colors – black, brown and white you are good to go.  In my opinion, I have saved a fortune by passing up trendy colors and fabrics for timeless bags that I will use my entire life because they will never go out of style due to its flawless design or show age because of the quality of the construction.  I believe that it’s okay to splurge on an item if it’s a “forever” item that you will use until death and be buried with in case Mary hosts formal luncheons in heaven. 😉

Life is good, life shopping in Paris is better.  Being married to Mr. Weekend in Paris for 22 years is the BEST!


  • Conceicao
    Posted at 16:10h, 15 January Reply

    I love your story!
    There is Nothing like a great purse or a pair of shoes!!!
    This is a great way to keep our French and Italian friends close to us.
    Such as Prada, LV, Gucci and all………

    • Weekend In Paris
      Posted at 16:28h, 15 January Reply

      Hello Conceicao!
      So wonderful to hear from you!
      I know that you know the value of a great pair of shoes and purse since you always look like you’re off the runways of Milan!
      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and comment.
      It won’t be long until I am in Paris and fingers crossed acquiring my new purse.

  • Suzy
    Posted at 13:13h, 15 January Reply

    This sounds like a classic, Parisian bucket list checkpoint crossed off. Now you have me wanting a “forever” bag.

    • Weekend In Paris
      Posted at 07:51h, 18 January Reply

      Hi Suzy!
      The best part of this “forever” bag is that when I use it, I will always think about where I bought it. I will be there soon and can’t wait to post a pic with it in my hand.
      Cheers and thanks for reading my post and taking the time to comment.
      🙂 Priscilla

  • Erin Hallett
    Posted at 15:33h, 07 January Reply

    Hi Priscilla,
    5 trips to Paris and 4 glasses of delicious LV water! The experience never gets old and my bags -or my children as my indulgent husband calls them-always remind me of Paris and I use one every day. I haven’t tried Hermes yet for bags, just scarves. Longchamp is my other favourite. Can’t wait to be back in Paris in April! You have a fabulous blog!

    • Weekend In Paris
      Posted at 15:40h, 07 January Reply

      Hi Erin,
      You are hilar! 5 trips to Paris and 4 glasses of LV water…love it! I have will have three forever bags, one Loro Piani, one Yves Saint Laurent and you just read about the third I am about to acquire. I use my other two, like you, every day so really I feel like they are economical if you break it down by per day usage. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
      Thanks so much for reading my blog and taking the time to comment. Please keep it coming and if you have some recommendations for me, please be in touch. I would love to get some tips from you.

  • Kathi Hoyer
    Posted at 11:44h, 07 January Reply

    Sounds like you have quite a game plan – good luck! Would love to visit Paris some time. Safe travels.

    • Weekend In Paris
      Posted at 11:58h, 07 January Reply

      Hi Kathi!
      So great to hear from you my friend. I definitely think you should make it to Paris one day and I hope that I am there with you!

  • Weekend In Paris
    Posted at 10:56h, 07 January Reply

    Hello Cassie,
    Do tell about the Hermes store! How much damage? A little or “take me out in an ambulance because I lost my mind” kind of damage?
    Merci for reading and taking the time to comment.

    • Cassie Piasecki
      Posted at 19:43h, 07 January Reply

      Well, I went in for a black, box leather Kelly with palladium hardware and walked out with a black one AND a brown, saddle leather with palladium hardware Kelly. I reasoned that BOTH were bags that I would use FOREVER and my husband chimed in with , “and, we have a daughter you can pass them down to!”. What a good guy for rationalizing it for me.
      The next trip landed me in the Goyard store with a new addiction to monogrammed totes. And, I may or may not have purchased a Chanel ring on the Place Vendome before gold prices sky rocked. Let me see….I guess that is pretty much it…..yep, I think so.

      • Weekend In Paris
        Posted at 20:18h, 07 January

        You’re my hero!
        😉 Priscilla

    • Brandon S
      Posted at 16:00h, 09 January Reply

      I’m with Cassie. Hermes can be dangerous. I walked in with a credit card. Walked out with the largest platter I could carry under one arm. I’m not addicted to bags (yet) but I am in love with their Rhythme collection which has since been discontinued. Seriously…. I think it’s the Parisian air.

  • Cassie Piasecki
    Posted at 10:22h, 07 January Reply

    You are hilarious and totally correct! Don’t drink the water. I did once at Hermes and learned my lesson fast.

  • Helen
    Posted at 09:36h, 07 January Reply

    Love it!!! I didn’t hit LV while there…..it will be on the list next time!

    • Weekend In Paris
      Posted at 09:46h, 07 January Reply

      Thanks Helen for reading and taking the time to comment. I hope you will visit LV next time you are in Paris!

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