#JeSuisCharlie Keep Calm & Stay Strong

by Weekend In Paris

DSC_0157I found it difficult to write anything light and sunny while the hostages were in harm’s way and since they are likely still traumatized even though now freed I won’t pretend everything is over and happy. Keeping Paris and France in my thoughts and prayers. I am so sorry for the innocents. Know I am glued to the t.v. and feeling solidarity with the French people resolved to stand up to terror and the freedom of the press. #JeSuisCharlie

For those who say religion is to blame for this tragedy I respectfully disagree. There are billions of people who pray and attend services all over the world and are peaceful, loving human beings who bring light to others. We will not let the actions of a few radicals and mentally ill people taint the rest of us and we should not be judged by those who are offended by our freedom to express our beliefs. While I don’t like the attacks on religion, I respect the right to express their displeasure with it, fear of it or total lack of respect for it. It’s called free will and freedom of speech! I despise the radicals who pretend to embrace religion and do these horrific things to other people. They are nothing more than imposters using religion as an excuse.

Vive la France!

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Maggie January 9, 2015 - 12:25 pm

Amen, Priscila. Thank you for this touching and heartfelt post.

Weekend In Paris January 9, 2015 - 2:07 pm

Hi Maggie,

It’s so difficult to be motivated to write about our happy Paris right now. I know I must, if not to cover events that are long past due, but perhaps to keep the love going for the City of Light and to encourage people to visit despite the difficult times now. Tourists remaining home with cripple the economy and not help the locals get back to a routine.


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