From Paris to Mumbai


Barely finished unpacking and I’m on my way to Mumbai. Not solo this time – joined by Mr. Weekend In Paris and one Master Weekend In Paris for four days and four nights in Mumbai.
Can you imagine the contrast between the two cities? It’s going to blow my mind and all my senses. Will I ever be the same? Will I forget about Paris and want to visit India more in depth? Will the despair of the depth of poverty be too much to bear? 11+ Million people live in Mumbai and half of them are homeless!
I will be thinking about Mother Theresa of Calcutta so much while I am there. I wish I was going to have time to go there to “walk in her footsteps” and see her ministries in action. She was a tough Nun who championed her cause of taking care of the poor to new levels. She made me proud to be Catholic and guilty because I don’t do more to help. Guilt is good, doing something about it is divine! She will be a saint soon no doubt!
In my absence, I have scheduled a guest blogger whom you will love – Margo Waite. She was my mentor back in the day at my dream job at Cruising World. She was and still is the most amazing cook, writer, traveler and lover of life I know. Margo’s post will appear Friday and it’s about one of my favorite topics – Champagne!

  • Eugene Shapiro
    Posted at 11:55h, 01 February Reply

    Guilt is an interesting concept. It doesn’t exit in Hinduism, which is why they don’t “need” to care for the poor. One’s life is because of Karma and if you can live your live “right” – according to your ability to match your karma with your destiny – then you will evolve. Which is why India is such a dramatic and life-shaking experience for us Westerners. It’s not only East is East and West is West. It’s that the India East turns the soul upside down.

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