Confessed Éclair-oholic Off the Wagon…Again

by Weekend In Paris

Carton has been my favorite pastry shop in Paris for years. My obsession with their sumptuous éclairs is well documented in my blog post Confessions from an Éclair-oholic.  Off the wagon again, I was lured into Gérard Mulot, an upscale pastry and chocolate shop by the macaroons. The cheery bright colors and perfect looking exteriors, made me take notice, but it was really the éclairs that I went to taste. I am a bit of an éclair connoisseur you see and can never resist the temptation to taste-test.

I entered Gérard’s chaotic but organized world expecting great things. Yes, it is filled with gorgeous looking pastries, but all of that means nothing if they do not measure up taste-wise. The pastry met the buttery and fluffy test, but I think it is the cream filling that makes or breaks an éclair. Too much chocolate and it will over-power the pastry, too little and the opposite will be true. The cream was perfectly balanced and smooth as silk. My expectations were exceeded – Gérard is the Man!


Gérard Mulot

76, rue de Seine

Paris 75006

01 43 26 85 77

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Liv April 18, 2012 - 7:29 am

One of my favourite things about France is the patisseries – yum yum yum!

Weekend In Paris April 20, 2012 - 8:31 am

Yum is right! It is always dangerous to walk into a French patisserie. ;)

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