Cafe de Paris

by Weekend In Paris
Cafe de Paris

Traditional Escargot at Cafe de Paris

Cafe de Paris: This is the “Official Meeting Spot” for the gal pals. If you are lost you are supposed to go straight there and order du vin and wait for the rest to catch up with you. One might think the hotel would be the meeting spot, but that would be way too boring for you if you were the lost one!

Cafe de Paris under the heating lamps for a quick afternoon apperatif

The wait staff are very nice, the food is very predictably good and the house wine is quite tasty. Reasonably priced and conveniently located to all the action in the 6th, we think this spot is perfect for a casual dinner out in Paris.

We are always treated well so we like to relax there at the end of a hard day of walking the entire City of Light. Heating lamps keep us cozy warm in the winter making it comfortable to sit outside year-round to people watch. Rue Buci is the gateway for the locals at the end of the day as they make their way home from picking up a last minute baguette or bottle of wine, both of which can be found within steps of Café de Paris.


8 Rue de Buci, Paris, France 75006

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