Hotel Le Pigonnet ****

by Weekend In Paris

Hotel Le Pigonnet

Pretty in Pink, Hotel Le Pigonnet Aix-en-Provence

Authenticity in ambiance and food are must haves in any French destination hotel in order to rate well in my book. I found the “real deal” at Hotel Le Pigonnet in Aix-en-Provence.

The exterior of Hotel Le Pigonnet mansion house is pretty in pink while the interior is sophisticated contrasts of Hermès orange and neutrals. The manicured gardens and courtyards add refined old-world beauty to the landscape.


Room with a view


Provinçal fabric-lined walls added warmth and a playful spirit to the room. Ample room for luggage and workspace was much appreciated. The mini-bar was more like a mini-foodie souvenir shop offering local treats for purchase.

There’s nothing like having a private balcony replete with café table and chairs to get one in the mood to experience Provence. I love that they chose an unexpected red color for the ensemble.

Year Round Terrace

The holiday season was upon us when we visited. Petit white lights strung overhead leading to a simply decorated Christmas tree added a touch of elegance to the terrace.

Cocktails by the fire

Cozy Cocktails

Large public spaces are divided into smaller sitting areas where groups of eight to ten are tucked away in cozy nooks and tables for two are positioned well for romance.

Open squash lasagna with nuts, Beetroot Vinaigrette


Rarely do I want to eat both lunch and dinner at the same restaurant, never mind in the same hotel, but the cuisine was so amazing at La Table for lunch that we decided to double-dip and have dinner there too. I see definite stars in the future of chef Thierry Balligand.

When in France I want a French breakfast. At a minimum this requires a buttery croissant, some jam to go with it and robust dark roast coffee. I actually skipped the flaky pastry and opted for something more special. Delicious thin, homemade crêpes sat next to a warming griddle so buffet-goers like me could warm it up before adding one or all three of the sinful toppings. I admit it; I was an ugly American slathering chocolate, caramel and whipped cream on top in proportions most unladylike. My brain said no, but my taste buds feared this experience would not repeat itself anytime soon so may as well go full glutton-mode. Worth it!

Hotel Le Pigonnet

Double Sink Vanity

Special Room Features

The ensemble bathroom was particularly terrific. I loved everything about it. Double vanity sinks, two separate showers with outstanding water pressure – one was a stall shower and the other a tub with both a handheld nozzle and an overhead rainfall shower.

Warm fuzzy bathrobes and towels were perfect and the “green” in me adore that the slippers are biodegradable. A rarity, I took them home with me. Bonus points for the Sothys bath products. I use their product line personally so enjoyed every dab of soothing creams and lotions.

It’s All About the Blowdryer

In general I dislike the whole process of doing my hair in hotels. Most provide limp blow dryers with short cords (can’t even reach the back of my head) and short fuses that go out leaving me with half a head of soaking wet hair. Many, if not most, expect women to dry their hair in the same space as where they just showered. It’s doubly annoying if you are sharing a bathroom with a spouse or gal pal. The room Mr. Weekend In Paris and I shared, however, not only had a mirrored seating area with plug nearby separate from the steamy shower, but the actual appliance was powerful enough to dry my mane in short order. Not only that, but it had a long enough cord that no gymnastics were needed to get every strand in order. Down right French Revolutionary this Le Pigonnet bathroom I say!

Hermès orange interior

Lovely Decor

The common spaces provide areas to gather together for drinks and conversation. The lounge has intimate tables for two, larger seating areas for four or more. In the winter a roaring fireplace warms the spaces.

Aix-en-Provence is the quintessentially French village people imagine when they dream of visiting the French countryside and Hotel Le Pigonnet is the ideal French lodge.


Hotel Le Pigonnet
5, Avenue du Pigonnet
13090 Aix-en-Provence, France




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