Hotel Les Hauts de Loire ****

by Weekend In Paris

Nearby Chateau Villandry is the ivy-covered country estate, Hotel Les Hauts de Loire. A long and winding road ends at the grand manor and former stables turned into an extraordinary boutique four-star hotel. There was nothing but five-star food, service, amenities, activities and accommodations in my estimation. Perhaps the lack of a spa keeps them in the lower category, a flaw in the system for sure.

Domaine des Hauts de Loire

Charming dining room

We took a walk in the quiet, densely wooded forest and came upon swans swimming silently in a pond. The only sounds were our feet treading upon the well-worn paths and our voices disrupting the peace to comment how lucky we were to be in such a lovely place.

We feasted like Queens by candlelight in a romantic dining room, feeling a bit guilty our Kings were home tending to their work while we sipped champagne and Vouvray wines. It was agony knowing they missed incredible tastes and textures of the foods served in unique vessels like sea urchin cups and puff pastry purses. But someone had to do it, so Gail and I rose to the course challenges Chef Rémy Giraud and his team put our way and enjoyed every minute of it.

Desk area of Domaine des Hautes de Loire

Desk area of Domaine des Hautes de Loire

Our room was fantastic – charming and very sophisticated. The royal treatment continued. Double marble vanity sinks, a large tub, fireplace in the room, a sitting area with a desk overlooking the gorgeous grounds were all so stately we hated to leave.

Although my stay was gratis, the opinions expressed here are my own.


Hotel Les de Hauts de Loire

  • 41150 ONZAIN

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