Hotel Edouard 7 ****

by Weekend In Paris

View from my suite of the Opera House Paris

Hotel Edouard 7 Paris

An homage to King Edward VII, the chic Hotel Edouard 7 Paris celebrates his love of Paris. Naturally he was a big fan of fashion and all things theatrical and refined. Born to parents Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, the former Prince of Wales and subsequent king visited Paris often. He adored the unrestricted views of the Opéra Garnier and thus spent time in-residence nearby in what is now the Hotel Edouard 7.

Hotel Edouard 7 bar

Historic and Modern Meet

I felt his presence the moment I stepped inside the lobby. History and modernity all at the same time – the oval front desk represents his top hat, the walls his coat and the bar his belt. A fashion forward man of his times, I learned that he hired Parisian tailors to make the first ever three-piece suit.


Suite living room with a male point of view

Male and Female Balance of Nature Decor

While the first floor is masculine in nature, the upper three floors of rooms are a delicate balance of feminine and masculine sensitivities. British and French styles are blended, creating an interesting spirit. My suite has a definite regal point of view with the black leather couch and antique paintings. The bright yellow pillows offered pops of color and interest. Opposite the couch, there is a contemporary glass desk area and above a recessed painted television cabinet.

Desk area with painted television cabinet

The custom beds are unfussy with a stark white duvet, and modest chocolate brown headboards against a wall of taupe fabric. However, they are made cozy with the addition of the fuzzy light gray throws on top. A sunken bookcase above the bed contains contemporary books adding a homey touch. (See photo at top of page.)

Glass figurines are placed effortlessly in nooks and crannies and play well against the natural light that shines through the windows. The elegant marble bathroom also boasts a large window. I remember quite well thinking that it the shower had incredibly good water pressure, a beautiful tub and a very handy towel warmer. Those three things are most unusual for Parisian hotel rooms.

Edouard 7 dining room

Breakfast room fit for a King or Queen

I love the feel of the bar with the art deco windows as the backdrop for the liquor shelves. Breakfast in the charming dining room with fresh pastries and buttery croissants are the stars of the show.


Tapas welcome treats at Edouard 7 Paris

Their hospitality knows no bounds! It is what ultimately makes me a big fan of the hotel. The front desk people are helpful and convivial. A timely amenity of toasted French bread with olive and tomato spreads greeted this weary traveler. I appreciated having my own Nespresso coffee maker with an array of flavor pods in the room so I could indulge without having to dress and go downstairs. This four-star  property with a five-star personality is a great option for guests who appreciate history yet desire modern amenities.

Hotel Edouard 7,
9 avenue de l’Opéra – 75002 Paris

All photos are the property of The Weekend In Paris. Must obtain permission before use. 

While I was a guest of the hotel for this visit, the opinions as always are my own.

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