(l-r) Lindsey Kent of Pictours Paris, Edna Zhou of Expat Edna, and Danielle Alvarez of Danielle Abroad Photo courtesy of Edna Zhou

(l-r) Lindsey Kent of Pictours Paris, Edna Zhou of Expat Edna, and Danielle Alvarez of Danielle Abroad. Photo courtesy of Edna Zhou

How much fun it is to go thousands of miles to see people you only Tweet with the rest of the year? Tons of fun I say! Tweeters of all walks of life, all ages groups, many different careers and geographic locations came together at a very interesting venue – Le China Restaurant, Bar & Club in the 12th. We had an exotic Asian themed room upstairs to ourselves with a great ambiance and cupcakes galore. A great time was had by all – exchanging information and networking at its best. I was personally thrilled that we had some new faces who are recent Paris arrivals and/or newbies in the Twitter world. They wanted to meet fellow ex-pats and I know the locals will take them under their wings.

cupcake tier tweetup 2013

Delicious cupcakes from @BertiesCupCakery and @SweetPeaParis

It was the 3rd Annual Paris Tweetup, but it was also a mini cupcake feast with delicious concoctions baked from the kitchens by Bobbie Parsons of Bertie’s CupCakery @BertiesCupCakes and Alisa Morov of Sweet Pea Baking @SweetPeaParis.

kim petyt

Kim Petyt @parisianparty holding a cupcake with a wrapper with her logo. Photo courtesy of Paris Insights.

A special thank you to Kasia Dietz @KasiaDietzBags and Forest Collins @52Martinis for finding the interesting venue. At last count we had forty Tweeters, both veterans and “newbies” who came together. I have heard from many of you since and everyone said they enjoyed being able to place a face with a name – the person behind the Twitter name and about people’s hobbies outside Twitter. Many were surprised to learn that I don’t just travel to Paris, I love to go anywhere and I write about my other adventures for the online magazine The Daily Basics.com and that if I had to choose one spot to vacation in for the rest of my life it would be to the British Virgin Islands. It’s the place where I find complete and total relaxation.

Kasia Dietz-Weekend In Paris logo[2]

Custom hand painted Weekend In Paris logo handbag.

We also had a raffle for a Kasia Dietz custom made handbag that I donated for a raffle. I can’t believe I did not take a photo! If anyone has one of the winner with her bag, please send it on to me and I will repost this with it included!

tom reeves taking attendance

Tom Reeves of Paris Insights taking attendance.

Shout outs to Kathryn Riechert @knrichert who traveled all the way from NYC to attend (this is her third Tweet Up and she wins the award for having come the farthest to participate) and to Tom Reeves @TomReevesParis who is always very diligent about taking “attendance” and taking photos to help document the evening. The time was too short; it always is when we get together. I know I had to head out promptly at the end to take the Gal Pals to dinner, but many of you were still chatting away when I left. That is a sign of a great event – when no one wants to leave!

Want to attend the next Tweet Up in Paris? Just follow me via Twitter and this blog for more information. All are welcome!

Kim and Me Tweetup 2013 paris insights cupcakesAll photos property of Weekend In Paris unless otherwise indicated. Must obtain permission before use. 

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Weekend In Paris February 27, 2013 - 5:06 pm

Hi Edna, I am indeed thinking about it. At the very least an informal Happy Hour somewhere. :)
Let’s keep in touch!

Weekend In Paris February 27, 2013 - 9:10 am

Hi Danielle,

I am so honored that you came to the Tweet Up. It was a really fun evening and what a great diverse group of Tweeters we had. I also liked the venue, even if it was a bit dark. Very festive!

Did you manage to taste any of the cupcakes? I thought they were amazing. Alisa and Bobbie did a fantastic job and the cupcake wrappers made their creations even more special. Do you think we should do it all over again in July? I will be back again then.

Cheers and I hope you keep following the blog and chime in some more with comments.


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