Margo’s Picks: Perfect Paris Travel Handbag

by Weekend In Paris

IMG_0040AAnother fabulous Guest Post from writer Margo Waite…

As I planned my recent trip to Paris, I realized a new handbag was a necessity.  And who knows more about buying handbags than Priscilla?  I didn’t want a “forever” bag.  I wanted a bag that would travel well, look stylish, not be too heavy, be reasonably durable, and hold a lot.  “Hold a lot” by my definition means a full sized book and a bottle of wine plus all the other stuff women carry.  Her immediate response was “Baggallini”.

IMG_0113Because I always take her advice, off I went to buy a Baggallini, and at our local T.J.Maxx I found one that truly is the perfect bag.  It met all my criteria.  Plus it has metal feet that keep it off dirty surfaces.  But the best thing about this bag is the zippered outside pocket.  It actually has a second zipper which creates a sleeve that fits beautifully over the handle of my wheeled luggage, lightening my load through airports and train stations considerably.

This wondrous bag traveled with me every day in Paris (not to mention a side trip to Marseille) on my three week trip, and it looks as fresh as the day I bought it.  If I could find an identical one, I’d buy it in a minute.

Thank you Priscilla!

Margo working on Weekend in ParisMargo is a frequent guest blogger for Weekend In Paris. Besides being a knowledgable Francophile, she is an Independent Publishing Professional based out of Newport, Rhode Island. She is an avid traveler, foodie and lover of all things French.

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Weekend In Paris December 22, 2012 - 1:11 pm

Hi Debbie,
I have an across the shoulder Baggallini that I have been using for years going to/from Europe. Margo loved her version clearly, but I am secretly hoping Santa brings me this new really cool Tumi bag. Stay tuned – if he does, I will be sure to blog about it soon.

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