Magnificent Luxembourg Gardens

by Weekend In Paris


luxembourgOne of my favorite things to do in Paris is stroll through the magnificent Luxembourg Gardens. Every season provides beautiful topography, but it is at its finest during the summer months when the exotic flowers are in full bloom and the  enormous hedges provide dramatic cover for a romantic rendez-vous.


Any time of year is super but…

September is the perfect time to enjoy: people watching, flicking a Frisbee around, spreading out a picnic blanket for an impromptu feast, engaging in a game of tennis, or challenging a local to a quick paced game of chess. Alternatively, simply sit on a bench with your arms wrapped around the love of your life appreciating you are in the most vibrant and romantic city in the world.

luxembourg gardens

Brief History

Once a residential palace, an idyllic country estate, Luxembourg Palace was the brainchild of Marie de’Medici. The savvy widow of King Henry IV of France, Marie wanted a place that reminded her of her the Petti Palace in Florence. She commissioned the palace and fountain in 1612 and later added the expanse of elm trees and gardens.


Today the French Senate meets in the Palace and owns the grounds. Model sailboats float on the mini pond where children squeal with joy pushing their boats along with long wooden polls to race each other.


Summer activities in the gardens

Tucked into the shade of trees, the gazebo provides a platform for free musical concerts that happen often during the summer months and refreshments are close by at a petit café within the gardens.


There’s more to the garden than meets the eye

Next to the Palace itself is an outer building called the L’Orangerie which displays art, photography and important sculptures.


Exercise or Relax

Joggers love to follow the foot paths that crisscross the park and provide traffic-free routes during busy commuter times. There is no better place to relax, unwind and do as the Parisians do – take in one of the most amazing places in the City of Light.

Location: Left Bank, 75006

Luxembourg Gardens Left Bank, map via Google maps

Luxembourg Gardens close up, map via Google

Park hours vary with the sun. Basically it is open from sunrise to dusk.

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