My Parisian Haircut

by Margo Waite

Paris Haircut 1I have to do it. We stay in Paris too long for my short hair not to need cutting. It’s something I do every trip. I’ve been to the name salons, Jacques Dessange and Franck Provst, big and busy. I wanted something a little more personalized this time for my Parisian haircut. I decided to try a salon in the neighborhood, Jean Claude Biguine, on Rue Grennelle in the 7th, a short walk from our apartment and the Rue Cler Market. (I discovered only back in the US that there are hundreds of Claude Biguine salons spread around the world.)

The sign out front said Brush 20 Euros, Coupe Femme 20 Euros. Shampooing was 4 Euros. Seemed reasonable enough. A smiling woman beckoned me to in. I was immediately taken in hand by the lovely Lydie who got me shampooed; with my broken French I managed to let her know I wanted my hair cut short. “Je voudrais un coupe de cheveux courts, s’il vous plait.”

Paris Haircut LydieShe then took her sharp and nimble scissors to my hair. You can see the results in the photo. The listed prices include TVA and 15 percent service. But given the head massage and the time it took her to snip each individual hair, I added a bit to the charge. Did I mention the keratin treatment, and the 28 Euro bottle of Kerastase Forme Fatale (a L’Oreal product) I purchased to keep my style fresh even back in the USA? My husband loved the new cut. My total charge was 85 euros, worth every centime.

By Contributor Margo Waite

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