Kid-Friendly Activities in Monaco

by Weekend In Paris
mini grand prix MC

Mini Grand Prix

Let the kids burn off some steam and act their age while vacationing with these kid friendly activities in Monaco.You can dress the kids up in designer clothes, coif their hair and try to turn them into “mini-me(s)” by teaching them the proper dining etiquette but it is not nearly as much fun as letting them drip ice-cream down the front of their jerseys as they enjoy a cone filled with their favorite flavor at a carnival. Working on their attention span to sit through a long fine dining experience is admirable and thoughtful for the guests around you, but they will eventually break out into a temper tantrum if they don’t get to run free at some point during the day.

rides MC

Merry-Go-Round Monaco

High roller adults flock to Monaco during Grand Prix season where the races are conducted in the city proper along hairpin turn streets. The elevations provide great vantage points for the thousands of people who invade the tiny Principality of Monaco to cheer on the participants. What kid wouldn’t love to emulate their favorite race car driver riding around on the mini Grand Prix carnival ride located waterside in downtown Monte Carlo.

Merry-go-rounds are always a popular activity for kids who are not motion sickness prone. If they are, do not worry, just next to the carousel you will find an arcade basketball game where they can test their hoop skills and burn off some energy in the process. They also have various other games of chance and a foosball table for the soccer lovers in the family. Be prepared to spend beaucoup bucks on the rides and games, but the smiles on your children’s faces will be priceless!

playground MC

Playground in downtown Monaco

If your kids are not into carnival rides, stick to the “go to” option of a good old fashion playground. Located near the water and next to the outdoor flower and vegetable market, a small, but effective playground provides a much-needed outlet for the curious child with ants in their pants.  A quick thirty minutes here and nap time will be a sure thing.

Remember, if you ask your kids to act like adults some times then you have to act like a kid for playtime with them too!

The amusement rides are located along the Boulevard Albert the 1st. The farmer’s market and playground are on the corner of rue Grimaldi and Avenue du Port.

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