Splitting the check easily: “Kitty” style

All smiles after "Kitty" pays the bill


Ever head out with a group of gals and at the end of a perfectly fun evening the check arrives and people start groaning or discussing who should pay what or how to divide up the bill?  The worst is when one person says that they didn’t consume this or that making the others feel uncomfortable.  Well, we never have an issue on our Paris trip.  Typically we use the “Kitty” system which Lisa introduced me to over a decade ago.  It works really well for short trips with your closest friends. 

Each morning we put say 50 Euros into Kitty.  Kitty then pays for lunch, dinner and wine until it runs out.  It could last a long time or a short time depending upon the price points for the day and the wine consumption.  Kitty rolls over to the next day and on the last day the remaining Kitty is divided up.  Gal pals who do not consume du vin are exempt from Kitty and simply put in the cost of their food.  Since service is included at most restaurants in Paris it makes things work very nicely.  Gal pals think Kitty works really well – try it on your next gal’s weekend and let us know if you think so too!

  • Jean Winter
    Posted at 07:11h, 23 April Reply

    Kitty is a girl who gets around!

    A great system. Kitty used to pay all our expenses each year for a get together in London with a great ‘girl pal’ from Wales. We could go home and say we never spent a penny, then plan our next trip with a clear conscience!

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