The number one question people ask me when it’s their first time going to Paris is, “How much does a trip to Paris cost?” There is no easy answer, but I will try to give you an honest breakdown in a manner that will help you make a budget and plan ahead. Keep in mind, I base the travel to/from Paris on my own criteria – flying from my home base of Houston, Texas. Your city may be more or less to get in and out of depending upon your market. These prices are guidelines verses hard data.

February: Houston to CDG &750 – $1350 economy from 1 to 2 stops $3700 business class $15000 first class

May: $650 – $1350 business $3700 – $8,500

August: $1100 economy $6000 – $9000

December: $1100 – $6000 – $9000





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