Chateau de Villandry

by Weekend In Paris
Another day, another castle…

Château de Villandry is a home used and loved by the current owner Henri Carvallo and his family but is also open to the public. Once a Medieval fortress, it now stands as an excellent representation of Renaissance décor inside. The public is allowed to wander in most spaces and witness the transformation from ancient to modern without compromising authentic style and materials used.

Villa dry and the vast gardens are magnificent

World-class gardens kept in impeccable shape, year-round by ten gardeners under the direction of Laurent Portuguez, offer visitors a unique opportunity to share in the life cycle of the plantings season by season.

The variety of gardens is not duplicated anywhere: The Water Garden, The Cross Garden, The Kitchen Garden, The Ornamental Garden, and The Music Garden contain everything needed to sustain a sense of well-being. Fruits, vegetables, grapes for wine, and flowers for beauty guarantee a sense of joie de vivre at Villandry.


Chateau de Villandry
3 rue Principale
37510 Villandry
Tél. : + 33(0)2 47 50 02 09

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