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  castle view cannes abbeyWhat do you think of when I say Cannes? Naturally the Cannes Film Festival comes to mind, but there is so much more to this sleepy little village than meets the eye. People are usually surprised when I tell them that Cannes is quiet for the majority of the year and that only 70,000 people live there year round. I discovered this while attending the 2013 International Luxury Travel Market last December as part of the press corps. What amazed me the most is there are serious winemakers on Saint-Honorat off the coast of Cannes, France.  Award winning wines and liqueurs are being produced by some savvy Cistercian Monks on the pristine island of Saint-Honorat.

IMG_1305Second part in a series about Winter Burgundy wine tasting outside Dijon. Winter time can be the best kept secret to wine tasting. No fighting crowds or lines at popular vineyards is appealing. So is the fact that the centuries old narrow streets are free from traffic and wineries are not in a rush to shove you out the door for the next tour group.

IMG_1367As usual, my jaunts outside Paris seem to revolve around wine. The side-trip to Dijon was no exception. I contacted a knowledgeable guide named Emmanuel with Authentica Tours to show us around for the day into the Grand Cru region of Burgundy. Emmanuel had some great connections; one of them being award-winning Viticulteur Gérard Quivy. His 2009 vintage wines have a two out of three stars rating with The Hachette Guide. The Hachette Guide is THE reference in France for wine. And while winter was not the ideal photo op time of year, it sure seemed the best to beat the crowds and enjoy a small private wine tasting. Let's meet a Burgundy wine grower up close and personal.