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Over the course of the twenty-four years I have been traveling to Paris I have always wondered what it would be like to stay in an apartment in Paris. Thanks to Go With Oh my days of wondering are over. With a large selection in their inventory, Go With Oh gave me several properties to choose from on their easy to navigate, user-friendly website. Of course, I selected one in my favorite arrondissement; the sixth just steps away from Place Saint Michel and my area for shopping and café people watching.


Modern bright lavatory

Modern bright lavatory


We arrived in Paris tired and jetlagged but were perked up by the greeting we received from an enthusiastic chap who let us into the apartment, made sure he showed us where everything was and did not leave before ensuring we were connected to the free WiFi included in the unit. We said we would Go, Go, Go and off we went within minutes of our arrival.


At night, we mostly dined close to the apartment and brought home desserts from nearby chocolate shops and boulangeries, which we devoured in the comfort of our cozy apartment while relaxing in our pj’s and recounting the days’ events.


The pluses were many:

Having a washer/dryer to replenish our favorite things we wanted to repeat in our wardrobes.


Being able to stock our own refrigerator with our favorite drinks and snacks we consumed during our late night Gal Pal chats and the ability to cook if desired.


Having a living room to receive friends and share a glass of wine (or two or three) with them in the comfort of our own place.


No fussing with a front desk or bellman. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable in hotels when I come downstairs and they make an effort to greet me and hold the door open only to discover that I left something back upstairs in the room and have to retrieve it and repeat the process all over again. Staying in an apartment is a simpler existence.


Being in a neighborhood. Many apartments are in residential areas or streets that are off the beaten path, interesting and quiet.


The cons were few:

No bellman. I know I just said that I liked not having one to fuss with, however, when you are in a Paris apartment many of them do NOT include an elevator. Having a bellman bring our bags up to the fourth floor upon our arrival and departure would have been a dream for us given the fact that one of my sisters sprained her ankle on those very same steps on day four of the trip.


Being in a neighborhood. Yes, I also have a con for this because how could anyone know that across from our apartment there was an aspiring and quite diligent, musician in the making, who left his window open while he practiced scales for a couple of hours each day. We wished he had gone on holiday and taken a break from it all. He better keep his day job because he is not going to earn a living making music!


No front desk or concierge. You are on your own temporarily. If you blow a fuse or something is not working you have to wait for your apartment connection to get in touch with someone off the property to come fix it. This happened to us; the outlet in the bathroom was not working, but once alerted, the Go With Oh team and the owner saw to it that it was fixed in no time.


Luxury apartment rentals do sometimes come with amenities such as butlers, private chefs, chauffeurs, bellmen and front desk clerks for certain properties, and I look forward to reviewing those for you in the future. For right now, I am happy to report that Go With Oh was a great company to work with and they are responsive to their customers. I like their website and I think they have a decent inventory that will offer people at any budget great accommodations.


Go With Oh US 1-800-567-2927 or Europe +49 30 590 024 935


All photos are the property of The Weekend In Paris. Must obtain permission before use.

Go With Oh kindly allowed me to preview the apartment gratis, but the opinions in the piece, are, as always my own.





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