Paris Safety Tips

Police Paris pompiersWhile I always feel safer in Paris than in most US cities, I am still street smart and pay attention to my surroundings. Paris Safety Tips for women travelers can be different than for their male counterparts, but all travelers to Paris should read the following:

Keep documents in a zipper compartment and do not open up in pubic transportation or in crowded shops.

Keep a copy of your passport separate in case you lose it and need documentation.

Be aware of pick-pockets all over the city. Do not keep wallets in back pockets or in purses that don’t have zippers.

Do not flash wads of cash in public.


How Much Does a Trip to Paris Cost in 2015?

DSC_0658Updated January, 2015

The first thing people ask me is, How much does a trip to Paris cost? Here’s my breakdown of what you may be spending on your dream trip to the City of Light.

Plane Tickets: Mid January to March tends to be the cheapest time to fly to Paris.  Summer and Fall are the most expensive!

First Class/Business Class: Roundtrip tickets can run anywhere from $2,500 to $9,000 for business class and up to $15,000 for first class depending upon how far in advance you purchase the tickets and if you are flying direct or with stops.

Economy: Flights from the U.S. can range between $800-$1500+ depending upon your city of departure, how many stops you are willing to put up with and what airline you choose. I found fares as low as $650 but I would have to fly to eastern Europe first and then to Paris and the trip would basically eat up so much time it was not worth it to me, but might be for others on a more limited budget. Check around!


#JeSuisCharlie Keep Calm & Stay Strong

DSC_0157I found it difficult to write anything light and sunny while the hostages were in harm’s way and since they are likely still traumatized even though now freed I won’t pretend everything is over and happy. Keeping Paris and France in my thoughts and prayers. I am so sorry for the innocents. Know I am glued to the t.v. and feeling solidarity with the French people resolved to stand up to terror and the freedom of the press. #JeSuisCharlie