Le Procope SignLe Procope has been one of my favorite spots in Paris to dine in for over 20 years, that is until now. This past winter I received a challenge to my positive review from a reader named Paul. He wrote a comment on my article that was very disturbing about both the food he ate and the service he received while entertaining out-of-town guests for an evening out. Here's what happened after I read his comments and my new Le Procope Restaurant Review:

8 Photo courtesy of Go With Oh In a couple of weeks I am headed to Paris again and trying something new. I will be staying in an apartment with my two sisters. My philosophy has always been that as soon as we arrive in Paris we need to head to the hotel, dump our bags and Go! Since we will be staying in an apartment provided by the company Go With Oh in Paris, I am changing Gal Pal Rule #10 to Go, Go, Go with Oh! Oh the places we will Go!

[caption id="attachment_6963" align="alignleft" width="300"]Know for its fresh seafood, Le Procope served Benjamin Franklin & famous Paris authors/actors and politicians throughout history Known for its fresh seafood, Le Procope served Benjamin Franklin & Voltaire[/caption] A recent poor dining experience in Paris at one of the city's most historic cafés led one of my readers (Paul) to write a scathing review of one of my favorite restaurants. After reading what he had to say about Le Procope I began to wonder if the place was too far gone for me to recommend to anyone else (its been one of my favs for 20 years). After contacting Paul directly to see what happened - he had cold, bad food and very poor service, I asked if he spoken up at the time about his unsatisfactory situation to which he replied in the affirmative. It appeared that the waiter and the maître d' for the evening in question were both indifferent to his plight. Paul was understandably furious over the ruined evening which he had planned especially for guests himself and the bad taste lingered on for him long after the indigestion.

Airplane Interior Updated January, 2014 The first thing people ask me is, How much does a trip to Paris cost? Here's my breakdown of what you may be spending on your dream trip to the City of Light. Plane Tickets Mid January to March tends to be the cheapest time to fly to Paris.  Summer and Fall are the most expensive! First Class/Business Class: Roundtrip tickets can run anywhere from $4,500 to $9,000 depending upon how far in advance you purchase them. Economy: Flights from the U.S. can range between $500-$1200 depending upon your city of departure.