Gal Pals – the term I use for the super fun, super flexible gals who travel with me. Christine wins the award as “most flexible” and Lisa wins for most trips made as a gal pal. I believe she has joined me at least six times!

Forever Bag – A forever bag is a piece of history that you can wear on your shoulder or carry in your hand that is high quality, durable, always in fashion, and is beyond classic – it’s timeless. You can accessorize any outfit with a forever bag and travel to any climate in any season with it on your arm and manage to look fresh. It neither bucks trends nor does it lack character – it get’s noticed because it’s the perfect bag for all-time. Once you own a forever bag in the primary accent colors – black, brown and white you are good to go. In my opinion, I have saved a fortune by passing up trendy colors and fabrics for timeless bags that I will use my entire life because they will never go out of style due to its flawless design or show age because of the quality of the construction. I believe that it’s okay to splurge on an item if it’s a “forever” item that you will use until death and be buried with in case Mary hosts formal luncheons in heaven. 😉

The Rosetta – short for Rosetta Stone, it’s like when you tell someone you are going to “the gyno” today. Women won’t ask what for and men don’t know what it is or what you do there – they just know the gyno is necessary. Well, the Rosetta is necessary to learn French so there.

The Betty – after one has been to Paris with the gal pals one may need to go straight to The Betty. It’s the Betty Ford Clinic. It’s a running joke with friends, but not meant to joke about alcoholism or the need for fabulous rehab places like The Betty. Alcoholism is serious and those who know me know I support sobriety and one need not drink to be a gal pal! One needs only a sense of humor to be a gal pal!

The Riddler – the guy who turns wine bottles a quarter turn each time down in the dark, cold caves in the house of Mumm!

Wicked good/Wicked bad – wicked good is used to describe something very, very good and wicked bad is used to describe something extra, extra bad. Good is how the Patriots played this year, wicked good is when they win the “Soopa Bowl”. Bad is when you get in a “fenda benda” and wicked bad is when you total the “caah”.

“Kitty” – Lisa and I have been doing this “Kitty” system for meal paying for years and it works really well with flexible gal pals. Beginning each trip we put say 50 Euros into the Kitty. Kitty then pays for lunch, dinner and wine until it runs out. It could last a long time or a short time depending upon the price points for the day and the wine consumption. Kitty rolls over to the next day and on the last day the remaining Kitty is divided up. Gal pals who do not consume du vin are exempt from Kitty and simply put in the cost of their food. Since service is included in the prices it makes things work very nicely.

OMD! – Oh Mon Dieu for the English equivalent of Oh My God – OMG!