Weekend In Paris | Outside France
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  Hidden art in a passageway from the Cathedral down to the shopping district. Hidden art in a passageway from the Cathedral down to the shopping district. Yesterday was a difficult day between me and Wordpress, the program I use to compose these posts. They published my ode to Geneva before it was primed. So here's round two of Getting My French on in Geneva, Switzerland which includes the highlights of a low-light day: It's been a great first day of my Best of the Alps trip. First stop, Geneva. My French is rusty, but my photography is up to par. Enjoy these photos from today's walkabout in this timeless city. Please ignore the rain, because I did and had a great time!

IMG_3246The goal for all my travel blogging is to have an authentic local experience that includes great accommodations, delicious food and great shopping. I adore staying at a place with a bit of history and I enjoy feasting on local cuisine from every price-point and window shopping (occasionally braving the sticker shock and purchasing an item or two) at the famous designer's stores from each country. If you are a like-minded traveler  you might enjoy reading about the contrasts and comparisons between my back to back visits to the Four Seasons Paris, France and Four Seasons Milan, Italy last year.