Delvaux handbagDelvaux – the bag that got away: My kids would say that I was “Purse Obsessed” but I proved them wrong when on my trip from Paris to Brussels. Eye candy was everywhere in the shopping gauntlet adjacent to the Grand Place. In my quest to find the perfect summer neutral handbag I found the ultimate specimen in the window at a shop named Delvaux. Perched on a display that resembled a wave, the perfect bag to compliment my casual summer lifestyle crashed into my psyche as strong as a wave pounds ashore at the beach. While my head was chanting, “Must have that bag!” my heart was imagining my boys’ reaction to seeing me with a new handbag in tow. My heart decided hearing the jibes were not worth it. The fact that it’s two years later and I am still thinking about that bag means that either I’m certifiably nuts or I simply made a mistake letting that bag get away from me… C’est la vie!

Boulevard Louis Schmidtlaan 7, 1040 Brussels, Belgium

Printemps Haussmann, Espace Maria Luisa, 64 Bd Haussmann, 75009 Paris


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