Why I blog…

Why do I blog?  “I blog, therefore I am?”  No, I don’t think so…

I know why other people do it, especially if it’s professionally related.  My Paris obsession began about 18 years ago when I took my first trip with my husband, Matt.  Since then, I have been so many times that my friends and acquaintances will email me when either they have a trip of their own coming up or a family member does.  I am always more than happy to share my info with them and usually include a copy of my own map that has my favorite spots marked with an “x” to help guide them.

Then one day, I caught up with an awesome high school friend, Trish Gillis, of Gillis Marketing on Facebook and LinkedIn.  I noticed on her LinkedIn profile that she started her own blog about how to best navigate and utilize all the current social and professional networking sites.  It was fascinating.  We instant messaged back and forth about things and when she heard that I take that annual trip to Paris she gave me the idea to start a blog.  Why duplicate my efforts each time recounting my tips, maps, suggestions, etc…Trish offered.  Thus, the blog was born!  Huge shout out to Trish!

Did I ever think anyone but me would read it?  Certainly, I thought that a handful would find the restaurant recommendations or hotel recommendations useful, but never did I imagine that I would keep this going for so long and have over 3,500 hits!

The gal pal concept was born out of the natural concept that we have loads of girlfriends that we love spending time with, but to enjoy travelling together there needs to be a certain chemistry for it to be successful.  Success on these trips is measured by the amounts of honest to goodness, uncontrollable belly laughs combined with a sense that we learned or experienced something new and interesting that leaves us wanting more!

My natural sense of curiosity and love of history is always fulfilled in France, but I blog because now I am chronicling my own history, so to speak, of my life’s adventures to a place that has become so near and dear to my heart.  So, what began as an excercise in helping others to see Paris a little bit through my eyes, has turned into a personal history project for me.

For those that read this blog and have one of their own, I would love to know why you blog and if you have any suggestions for me as I continue on this journey.

Happy reading!

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