Where to Stay in Paris: Five, Four, Three-Stars

Four Seasons George V

Five-Star Four Seasons Paris

When planning where to stay in Paris consider what type of traveler you are and what your budget will allow. Business travelers will find that if they stick to the five-star category they will be more than pleased with the size of the rooms and access to WiFi along with business centers and Gold Key Concierge’s to help them work more efficiently in the luxury of Paris’ best addresses. Room service options are great for dinner for your first jet lagged night in town or for finicky kids. Newer five stars now have workout rooms and fabulous toiletries. No need to bring your own blow dryer!

Au Manoir

Four-Star Boutique Au Manoir

Families and gals looking for a getaway together can find adjoining rooms, WiFi and charm at most Parisian four-star hotels. Many of these boutique hotels have lobby bars, but probably have more limited hours. Make sure you inquire about the existence of elevators and child friendly amenities at the time of booking. Many hotels have in-house restaurants and/or breakfast rooms. Ask at the time of booking for an inclusive breakfast rate.

Three-star hotels can be quite charming and surprisingly spacious if you know where to look. Many are located in the chic neighborhoods of the Marais and off Boulevard Saint-Germain. Do not take a photo on the internet at face value. Check sites such as Trip Advisor for reviews. Three star hotels in France can be an excellent value, but please keep in mind, staple items in the US may not come with the room at this level. Three star hotels may have breakfast rooms, but many do not. I would bring your own blow dryer as many offered here are not very strong or are attached to the walls. Remember to bring a converter plug as well!


Three-Star Hotel Lenox breakfast room


Apartments are a nice option for larger groups or if you are on business and prefer to entertain clients and friends in the comfort of your own space. Many catering spots exist in Paris where take-a-way meals can be purchased and easily reheated in your private apartment. Do your homework! Ask if there are any nightclubs or bars that stay open late beneath your spot. Ask about amenities like blow dryers and WiFi – are they included? Bring your converter plugs and ask about the existence of elevators. Many nice apartments come with a local mobile phone you can use as well. Inquire about appliances available and print out conversion charts for the oven temps and measuring cups/spoons if you plan to make a homemade recipe while there.

Hotel Montalembert five-star lobby

Hotel Montalembert five-star lobby

I have never stayed in a Hostel, but my travel friends tell me that Paris has many great ones. Be advised that Paris is an expensive city and their hostels, in general, will be more expensive than in other international cities. Food and entertainment are also very pricey so check out the cheap eats listed on my site for good food at reasonable prices.

One tip I haven’t written about before for the budget minded – bring Starbuck’s Via ready brew coffee sleeves with you. Every hotel will give you hot water so you can at least have your morning coffee at a fraction of the European prices which can cost you upwards of $4.00 per cup.

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