Hotel Left Bank St. Germain ***

This Hotel Left Bank St. Germain is my current favorite place to recommend to price conscious travelers who want a charming but reliable, albeit small hotel.   The price is very reasonable and it offers a wonderful buffet breakfast each morning in their café where they serve great coffee and fresh breads.  They also include typical European breakfast items like ham, salami, assorted cheeses and fresh juices.  It’s a wonderful way to start each day!

There  is free WiFi in the lobby which you can access in your room as well and the staff is very helpful and sweet.  Their rooms are a decent size and are very comfortable and charming with beautiful French fabrics adorning the beds and walls.  Gal pals think this location can’t be beat for local boutique shopping and proximity to museums with an added bonus of being able to satisfy late night crêpe cravings just a couple of doors down.

The housekeeping staff uses the most wonderful smelling detergent or starch on the sheets and towels.  All the linens are very soft which makes us look forward to our heads hitting the pillows at the end of our long days.  When you are in front of the hotel in the mornings you can smell them doing the laundry from the street and it fills the entire area with this lovely scent.  As the gal pals know I do not like “smelly” things, so that should tip you off to how good it truly is!

To add to the appeal of this location – it is right around the corner from one of my favorite “local” restaurants – Café de Paris.  Typically we eat there our first night as we are tired and hungry and want a “sure thing” that is close by.  It doesn’t get any better than paying the check and crawling in to bed in less than 5 minutes!

9 Rue de l’Ancienne Comédie, 75006 Paris
Tél : +33 1 43 54 01 70 – Fax : +33 1 43 26 17 14