What To Pack For A Trip To Paris

Packing for Paris, My Biggest Nightmare Has Come True!

Must check my bags this year!

Gal Pal Rule #9 clearly states that we shall pack lightly and carry our bags onboard the flight so as to not waste time in baggage claim upon arrival and to leave room for our purchases on the way home. I believe in the rule and live by the rule with few exceptions.

The January, 2013 trip demands a HUGE exception. What’s changed you ask? Well for starters our trip has nearly doubled from the usual five to seven day, one city (Paris) deal it traditionally has been. It has morphed into a five city, 13-day luxury trip which demands lots of wardrobe changes and has the potential for all involved to acquire twice as many “unique things we can’t find in the states.”

So, with much great fan-fare I formerly announce that Gal Pal Rule #9 is hereby suspended until further notice. Ladies, pack with reckless abandon and bring an empty suitcase because Priscilla has lost her mind and is checking a suitcase so you may as well too! Of course now that I have “released the hounds” I am pretty confident that I will be writing back to let you all know what a monumental mistake it was to allow Gal Pal Elizabeth to have carte blanche on the packing. She will need her own taxi to/from the airports I am sure.

What I plan to pack for a 13 day trip:

  • (2) black pairs of pants – one casual, one dressy
  • (1) cream pair of corduroy pants
  • (1) black wool skirt that can be dressed up or down
  • (1) black dress for evening
  • (1) pair of black boots
  • (1) pair of black shoes –medium heel for night
  • (4) turtlenecks – two black, one white, one beige
  • (1) pair of jeans, dark colored for casual evening out
  • (2) dressy blouses
  • (6) comfy but cute tops for daytime sightseeing
  • (2) sweaters – one black dressy for evening, one with color for day
  • (2) sets of pajamas
  • undies/bras/socks/knee-highs/tights
  • toiletry bag/make-up bag
  • hairbrushes/mini blow dryer/converter plugs
  • wine bottle casings to wrap wine for return trip

What I will wear/carry on the plane:

  • Long black cashmere coat/gloves/hat
  • Colorful scarf
  • Black comfy pants
  • Long sleeve comfy shirt
  • Sweater
  • Black shoes with a low heel for daytime
  • Laptop bag with iPhone, headphones, chargers for both
  • Neck pillow
  • Wallet/passport
  • All travel itinerary documents printed out
  • Digital camera, charger

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