Twitter Used as an Easy Travel Planner


Like most people, I began Tweeting slowly and carefully with purpose in mind.  I wanted to drive more traffic to my blog.  I don’t generate revenue with my blog; it was simply the fact that I had labored over the creation of and writing of my blog and I selfishly wanted someone besides my friends and family to read it.  I was feeling the pressure when people asked me why I would take the time to have and maintain my blog to justify an answer.  With the power of Twitter, my blog readership exploded with loyal readers from all over the world.  Mission accomplished right?  Right and wrong!

Yes, Twitter did what it I thought it would do, but then something interesting happened.  I began to use it more to connect with other bloggers who share my passion for France.  A new mission emerged from tweeting.  Now I tweet with others to help me plan my travels to France while sharing my travel advice with fellow travel junkies at the same time. 

Practical travel advice can be acquired in a mere seconds!  Take as an example, someone tweets that they are headed to Boston and want to know what one thing they should do while there.  If I am on Twitter and have the time to respond, then I will most certainly share that The Freedom Trail ending up at Quincy Market are “must do’s” when in Boston.  Others may chime in with their advice and some may even contradict, but none the less, the tweeter who asked is getting instant feedback and can decide for themselves based upon volume of response or helpfulness of tweets.

My Twitter Peeps (word for friends in American slang) affectionately nicknamed Tweeps have given me more instant information about my next trip to Paris and Dijon than most guidebooks in a matter of seconds.  Tweeps ParisGetAways and 52Martinis (those are their Twitter names) yesterday spent time tweeting me the names of bistros, brasseries, cafes and hip places for drinks in Paris and Dijon.  I now have a list a mile long with detailed information.  52Martinis lives in Paris and even offered to make the phone calls to reserve tables at restaurants that don’t take online reservations for us! 

For those of you still reading this who are scratching their heads wondering, “I don’t get it; how does this work?” Here is a typical tweet exchange  with “translation” from Twitter language to show you how we get our messages across given Twitter’s 140 character limit.

I asked via Twitter: #Paris on my mind now – still have no idea which new to me restaurant I will review. Ideas for gal pals for place in 6th or 7th to try?  Translation: I want to review a restaurant I have never been to before in the 6th or 7th arrondissement in Paris so please help me find one for me and my travel buddies.

Response Immediately via Twitter from ParisGetaways:   Have you tried FISH in 6e (rue de Seine)? Always good for groups RT @WeekendInParis: Ideas for #Paris resto for gals to try in 6e or 7e?  Translation:  She is giving me the name of a her recommendation for a good restaurant called Fish and even game me the street so it would be easy for me to look up on the internet.  She told me it was good for groups because she knows that I go to Paris with a group of friends.  Nice of her to keep that in mind!

No sooner had ParisGetaways responded, then there was a tweet from 52Martinis chiming in with a personal review:  @WeekendInParis @ParisGetaways I ate there last weekend & enjoyed it. Food was good, wine list nice & it’s lively in there.

Right back again is word from ParisGetaways:  Have U tried le Florimond in 7eme? Cabbage rolls 2 die for & fab host!  Translation:  Have you tried the restaurant Le Florimond in the 7th arrondissement?  The cabbage rolls are to die for and they have a fabulous host! 

The conversation between the three of us went back and forth for a few minutes and included links to the website for Le Florimond and specific details about the friendly staffs at each.  Parisgetaways also shared with me that for the cost of our train tickets to Dijon we could easily rent a car from train station Gare Montparnasse with EasyCar.  She also shared the names of  Beaune and Flavigny (nun Pastille candies), to stop at along the way to make the drive more interesting so we could take advantage of the beautiful country scenery.  I can’t wait to try these places to review for myself!  

Twitter used as an easy travel planner is mission accomplished!


  • Julie Gilley
    Posted at 18:40h, 10 August Reply

    I’m sorry, this comment doesn’t relate to the Twitter angle of your story, but I do have another restaurant rec for you. For the foodies in your group, try Pasco in the 7th. A smart-looking group of people dine here, but it’s not stuffy. It’s fine dining without the fine dining prices and in a warm inviting atmosphere. Their piquillo peppers stuffed with goat cheese are soooooo good! I wrote about it here:

  • LostNCheeseland
    Posted at 11:00h, 10 August Reply

    Plus now you know about Synie’s Cupcakes and Little Miss Cupcake (which I still encourage you to try!!)

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