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I captured parts of the Twitter chat with Mireille to share with my WeekendinParis blog readers.  The text below is in question/answer format.  I did not document who asked the questions except for the one I asked, and for the most part I left them as I read them – including typos, misspellings and grammatically challenged phrases.  Important to note about Twitter chats – one is limited to 140 characters, including spaces, so that is why all the questions and responses are short, to the point and in some cases incomplete thoughts.  

Mireille’s Twitter name is French_Women for those who already have a Twitter account – for those that don’t it’s very easy to sign up at  If you do sign up follow me at WeekendInParis! 

Twitter chat excerpts begin here: 

WeekendinParis asked, “What is your favorite day trip outside of Paris?” 

So many trips outside Paris – Sevres for the porcelain; Chantilly for the castle; St. Germain en Laye for the view, etc 

What would your final meal on earth be? 

In Paris, it would be duck w peaches and Red Burgundy, followed by a chocolate dessert at Tour d’Argent.    

In NYC it would be lobster, spinach, baked potato and strawberries from upstate, served alongside Champagne. 

What is your ideal day in Paris? Provence? 

Ideal Parisian day is to walk in the Luxembourg, bkfst w a croissant from Carton, reading & writing in the am, visit museums… followed by shopping and theater and/or dinner with friends 

In Provence, bike ride to the village, bkfst on the terrace, swim in the am, reading at the pool, petanque before dinner 

Are there any “classic” French foods that you absolutely can’t stand? 

 Tripe. I just don’t like it. I’ll eat it if I have to. 

Book recommendations? 

My favorite is the Michelin Blue Guide. In term of novels set in Paris, Gertrude Stein, Edmund White & Edith Wharton… 

What are some of your favorite summer dishes? 

Ratatouille, melon de cavaillon, strawberries, tomatoes, grilled fish, etc. 

I’m studying abroad aug-dec in paris. what key clothing should i bring to be chic and comfortable while in france? 

Comfortable, attractive flats. A nice pair of slacks. Casual skirts & tops. A raincoat is a must. Lots of scarfs too. 

With all that walking, is it possible or highly discouraged to wear heeled or even highheeled shoes in paris? 

You need good walking shoes in Paris. There are plenty of pretty ones. No need to wear ugly shoes or sneakers. 

Where can one find good food at a good price? 

At the end of the day at the street market is the best place to go. That is when they lower prices. 

Do you think it’s possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a vegetarian? some people criticize the lifestyle 

I’ve never tried being a vegetarian, but I think u need a bit of everything. In the French lifestyle diversity & variety r key. 

Would you call the FWDGF Cookbook a diet cookbook or a lifestyle book? 

The French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook is the ultimate *non-diet* book. It is all about a lifestyle. 

Do you prefer French skin care? What are your go-to brands? 

            I am a Lancome girl. Always have been. 

Speaking of the face, where does the French woman stand on Botox? 

Botox scares me. Don’t know enough. Needles, $ & return visits – not part of the French ideal of min effort for maximum reward 

Also, Mireille, I’d love to hear your must-go restaurant picks for France – one for budget travelers and one for more $$$. 

For a splurge, I recommend Gagnaire in the 8th. 

For budget, the best value lunch in Paris I suggest Le Gaigne in the 4th. 

Do you agree that diet, health, fitness, lifestyle are all mentalities? 

It’s all in your head – but then you need to do. Practice! No procrastination. 

Describe your childhood in France in 10 words 

Love, laughter, leisure, kitchen, meals, girlfriends, garden, baking, chocolate, singing… 

What’s the most important item in a French woman’s wardrobe? 

The little black dress is of vital importance in a French woman’s wardrobe. 

Do you have any French film recommendations? 

My favorite French films include the old Jeanne Moreau and Catherine Deneuve movies. 

How can we eat dessert everyday? 

You can! Eat fresh fruit. It is the BEST dessert. The rest are for indulgences and special occasions. 

What’s your best relationship (love) advice? 

Respect your significant other. The best advice I can give in terms of romance. And don’t forget humor too!

  • Trudy Ringer
    Posted at 13:32h, 11 July Reply

    This was an armchair visit to Paris. I enjoyed the exchange and your take on the food and clothing advice. I’ll come back to this site to read more.

    • Weekend In Paris
      Posted at 15:26h, 16 July Reply

      Hi Trudy,
      Welcome to my site! I’m glad you liked visiting it and hope you come back often to read it and comment.

  • Christine Myles
    Posted at 03:39h, 21 May Reply

    She described heavenly french dishes!

  • Clare
    Posted at 14:02h, 20 May Reply

    I look forward to trying the duck with peaches and red burgundy. Yum!

  • Margo
    Posted at 14:00h, 20 May Reply

    Love this post. Thanks for making it available to those of us who don’t tweet regularly.

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