Trailer Film by My Paris Movie: All in a Day’s Work for The Weekend In Paris

What’s it like to be me in Paris these days? Very interesting I can tell you. Along with hunting down the best places to shop, dine and drink, I also need to find a decent place to put my head down at the end of a very long day. Some trips it’s all about finding boutique hotels that won’t break the bank and other times it’s about splurging on a luxury experience. I am pleased to share with you some of the luxurious details from this past trip to Paris and my stay at The Four Seasons George V which was captured in a short film by My Paris Movie.

If you go to Paris for the first time, I highly recommend you hire a videographer from My Paris Movie to capture your special moments in the City of Light. The cameramen are very professional and you start to forget they are even there after a few minutes. What may seem strange at first, will prove to be the most amazing souvenir once you return home with video footage you can share with loved ones. I love photographs of my trip, but the video aspect is even more personal and fun! And, think of this, usually the photographer is always left out of the photo album…this way they can be included in the memories of your spectacular trip! I know from personal experience that Mr. Weekend In Paris is hardly ever in any family vacation photos because he is always too busy taking them! I definitely think this is a great service for families and friends – we Gal Pals love having some funny moments caught on camera to share with our families back home!

A special thank you to Grégory from My Paris Movie for spending the day documenting my work – previewing the George V suites, checking out my room, going to the Centre Pompidou for the Salvador Dali Exhibition, hosting a Tweet Up for dozens of locals and ending the day as we Gal Pals always do, with a glass of Bordeaux! More videos will be coming, but this is the trailer which shows snippets of the highlights from a day in the life of Priscilla Pilon for The Weekend In Paris.

The video is the property of My Paris Movie and The Weekend In Paris. Must obtain permission before use.

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