Three thumbs up for Bouillon des Colonies

Bouillon des Colonies


In all the excitement of reporting on our shopping, I completely overlooked mentioning our dining experience last Saturday night.  Lisa has been dreaming of the mocha sauce on the beef that she ordered the past two years at the Bouillon des Colonies Restaurant and insisted we eat there at least one night in Paris.  Given I almost died there last year from choking on a piece of beef while my fellow gal pals discussed their lack of knowledge with the Heimlich maneuver, it would be good for me to return and replace that memory with a new one!  

Remember when I said qualities that Gal Pals must possess are flexibility and a good sense of humor?  Nights like this are where the wheat gets separated from the chaff.  Corrie and I went by to make a reservation during the day on Friday, but they were closed.  Fortunately they place business cards outside on a stool so we took one and had the kind concierge at the hotel book us a table for seven o’clock on Saturday.  However, when we showed up promptly at seven they had no record of our table being booked.  Apparently since they were closed when he called to make the reservation, the phone number for this place gets turned over to their fellow restaurant upstairs called Bouillon Racine.  It can be confusing so when making your reservation confirm that it’s the des Colonies restaurant you want.  

With her salivary glands already working overtime in anticipation of her mocha sauce, Lisa was bound to be very disappointed.  The maître d’ did not speak much English and I understood him to say that we could come back at nine o’clock for a table (damn that Rosetta), but Lisa said that he actually said we could sit right away if we left by nine for their next reservation.  Clearly the maître d’ was in for a surprise.  We can do a record amount of eating and drinking in two hours buddy!  Didn’t he know we had been shopping with a vengeance all day and worked ourselves up into a food frenzy?  One of us was shopping all day and pregnant so we are ready to order before our butts hit the seats of the chairs.  

After the misunderstanding about the table, we were a bit worried that the maître d’ was going to have a poor attitude, but he was actually hilarious and very attentive to our table!  He was quick with a lemon drink for Corrie and a ½ bottle of some Aussie wine that Lisa ordered.  Good humor was restored immediately upon consumption of our appetizers and wine!  The wait staff did a great job and the food was delicious as usual.  A positive of Bouillon des Colonies is that the menu reflects the chef’s love of traveling to all the continents and he adds new dishes which keeps the menu current with discoveries of new spices from around the world.   The drawback to this approach is that your favorite dish may not be available the season that you are eating there.  No need to fret because your favorites are replaced with other selections of equal quality and good taste.  What did all this mean for Lisa?  Well, her beloved Moroccan dish with the mocha sauce was off the menu this time, but her other favorite thing was still on the menu – the dumplings!  They serve shrimp, pork, vegetable and beef dumplings that are to die for and I recommend the assorted spring rolls to start and the Chicken Tagine for your main course.  If the beef mocha sauce comes back on the menu definitely try it – gal pals think it’s their absolute best dish!  As nine o’clock approached, we tried to rush out the door but our new favorite maître d’ graciously told us to stay as long as we liked!   

Gal pals will return for sure next trip to Paris with reservation confirmed ahead of time and appetites at the ready!

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