Rock the Runways of Life

It’s fashion week in Paris and I am NOT in Paris. I am not even close to Paris. Actually I am close to Paris…Paris, Texas at the minute and NO ONE is thinking about winter fashion because it is still 95+ degrees every day. Having grown up in the Northeast where you would not be caught dead wearing white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day, it is really sad to be approaching October and still wearing white just because it’s so dang (yes, I said dang and I’m not even from here) hot.

Trust me when I say, I would rather be sipping champagne and sitting in the front row waiting to see what elegant, exotic, colorful or colorless fashions come barreling down the runway than walking my dog for 20 minutes and having to cool off with another shower before heading out to my next activity.

Gosh, don’t you just love a bit of the drama involved with the runway shows? Isn’t it horrible that although I do cringe when a model falls, I secretly smile inside thinking that maybe this next tumble will be so horrific that the shoe designers will wake up and smell the coffee? Maybe they might just start to think that if these skinny, wafer-thin chicks can’t handle the shoes on the runway, then perhaps they should tone it down for us real women who are normal sized who walk on cobblestones to work or have little kids to chase around.  Ah, who am I kidding…

Before you stop reading and think that I am merely a jealous, bitter middle-aged gal who sees her looks fading, her body morphing into unrecognizable proportions, her hair maintenance and skin cream regime taking up all her spare time…oh gosh I am all of those things minus the bitter part. Seriously, I may feel those things at times, but not during Fashion Week and certainly not any time I am visiting Paris. Fashion Week is electric and the runway shows are magical! In just a few months I will be back in Paris on a mission to scope out the new Spring/Summer looks and to acquire some serious bargains left over from the Winter. I will cherish every moment of my privilege of being in the greatest fashion capitol of the world where on each street, every day women and models alike, rock the runways of life in style.


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