Perfect Girl’s Paris Getaway…

1st time Gal Pal Corrie & Me at The Louvre


Perfect Girl’s Paris Getaway… 

Paris is the perfect destination for our group of gals affectionately referred to as The Gal Pals whose interests vary greatly – History, Art, Fine Dining, Wine and Fashion.  Paris boasts incredible amounts of opportunities for each gal to pursue their interests which ensures that all members in our quad (Gal Pal Rules say that four is the optimum number for easy travel and dinner reservations) arrive back home fulfilled.  As important as the number of travellers, the right mix of Gal Pals is essential.  Like a cocktail – the mix must be one part flexibility with two parts of humor perfectly blended and shaken, not stirred for a fabulous time! 

One’s mind while in Paris, however, must be opened up and allowed to breathe like a fine bottle of wine so a week is the suggested amount of time to be slowly and properly introduced to the most stylish city in Europe.  I also suggest taking a sneak peak outside the city for a two night jaunt to Reims, Dijon, Bordeaux or Normandy.  If you don’t have time for an overnight side-trip, I recommend taking a day tour to Reims.  In one day we toured  a castle called Le Chateau de Conde , tasted and learned how Champagne is made at Vadin-Plateau, toured the caves and tasted Champagne at the House of G.H. Mumm, and visited the Cathedral of Notre Dame.  History and wine buffs in the group were completely satisfied and we were back in Paris in time for a late supper! 

While in Paris, we always tour at least one museum and/or church.  Among our favorites is the Church of St. Denis with its amazing display of sarcophagi and the final resting places of many of the French Monarchy.  Another “must see” for me is the Musee Marmottan Monet in the 16th arrondissement.  It hosts an enormous collection of Monet’s Water Lily’s presented in an old mansion allowing you to view it in a very intimate way. 

What’s left on the list for our quest for a perfect Paris trip now that we have Art, history, and wine covered?  Well, that leaves food and shopping which we all adore!   Regular Gal Pal favorite places to dine include L’Epi Dupin, Le Procope, La Tour D’Argent, BoFinger and Bouillon des Colonies.  Our favorite cafés to perch ourselves for some serious people watching where we get our fashion cues for our power shopping  are Café Marly, Café de Flore, and Café de Deux Magots.  We balance the prices, menus and geographic locations to suit the pocketbooks and personal tastes of the gals travelling and always add a new place to review on each trip so repeat Gal Pals never get bored! 

Nina Kendosa


A girls’ trip is only successful if it involves great shopping and there is no shortage of chic boutiques in Paris.  Women in Paris can afford to dress well regardless of their income, because of the plethora of great labels sold in quaint reasonably priced boutiques that use yummy fabrics for their designs that emulate the best fashion designers in the world.  When in the “zone”, Gal Pals can hit fifty shops in one day!  Favorite boutiques we prefer include Nina Kendosa, Maje, RB Boutique, Sandro, Comptoir des Cotonniers , Caroll and Gerard Darel .  

Souvenirs in hand, new chic clothing packed in our luggage and memories to last a life-time, the Gal Pals leave Paris wanting more and vowing to return the next year for another perfect girl’s Paris getaway! 

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